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    (This question seems to fit best under this forum category, but if someone can suggest a better location please let me know.)

    Can anyone share a link to a blog post, or their thoughts, on the difference between a dream and a goal?


    A dream is something you want to happen but have no way of measuring whether or not you succeed. There is no end date, no set amount required to make the dream happen.

    A goal on the other hand is measurable. A date is set so that you have something to aim for and push you. Instead of simply saying, “I want X” you set a goal that you’d like to achieve and have a plan to back it up.

    Basically, a goal is a more concrete, action-oriented version of a dream. 🙂


    Well I will give it a try John! For me a dream is something that I am creating before bringing it into reality–you have to dream it to achieve it. Sometimes my dream becomes an intention–the fire that is lit in my heart to make my dream real. My dream is created through intuition as an expression of my soul.

    I perceive a goal as originating in the mind, as an achievement to be accomplished, perhaps with a plan formulated to do this as Jade suggests. And maybe goals are more ego-driven?

    Love and peace,



    Thanks to both of you for your helpful responses. I’m beginning to think that the two terms might sometimes be interchangeable, and also that I might be over-thinking it for the purposes of my exercise, which is simply to write down (and in some cases rediscover) my dreams–some of which might also be goals (e.g., to backpack Patagonia). Imagine that, a writer getting wrapped up in semantics. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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