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    Ann – Marie

    Hi everyone,

    First things first i grew up in a very dysfunctional family !!! mom is a raging narcissist, no question about it i spent the last 2 years reading about it trying to understand my life. could go on and on with everything but i won’t. I want ask has anyone figured this out.

    Its not dealing with her anymore that I’m worried about. I’ve recently realised that I’m so lost in life, it scares the s##t of me!!! When i reevaluated my life i basically had to start over again everyone i was around were toxic or i just stayed there to fit in or something i don’t really know. I have family but no friends i literally cut everyone off and really don’t feel like i connect with anyone, no sense of belonging !!!!!

    I’m on the spiritual journey. What scares me the most is that i really don’t connect with people i just feel like they don’t like me…. I know its some stuff buried in the subconscious I’m trying but its where i keep ending over and over again

    Anybody similar or have a clue where I’m coming from ???



    Dear Ann-Marie:

    For me to try to understand where you are coming from, I ask: you wrote, “everyone i was around were toxic”- who and how many people is “everyone”? Can you list their toxic ways (as in 1., 2., 3…)?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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