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    We are a nonprofit in Bloomington MN called Living Proof MN, with a mission to instill hope for recovery to people struggling with eating disorders. We have an array of programs–1:1 mentoring, support groups (adolescents, athletes, adults, supporters), family style live-in program, experiential therapies, and educational presentations and trainings.
    We are 100% peer led and peer run, everyone that volunteers is in recovery or is recovered from their own eating disorder.
    Eating disorders are the most deadly mental health disease and the rates of recovery are small. After a 20 year battle with my own eating disorder and going in and out of treatment centers, I forged my own way and took responsibility for my recovery. Our foundation of our program is empowering people to choose to actively change their life and choose recovery. I am so grateful to say I’m in recovery/recovered for 7+ years now. I created Living Proof MN to tell people no matter how old/young you are, or how long/short you’ve had your eating disorder, you can recover.
    We need your help to ensure our programming is available to everyone, near and far. We are fundraising for our scholarship fund so that we can offer our programs and services at a discounted price and not have to turn anyone away. Please come alongside us in this important work.
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