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    I think it is important to value the effort we are placing on the physical change through weight loss, and strength increase at the gym. We all go through cyclical binges with exercise, even the fitness elite do this too, so if you can’t be consistent with your routines what are some other options to maximize your gains (muscle) losses ( fat )?


    How often do you see people who are at the gym speaking to their friends while they are on a machine or doing free weights? It is super common and although it is nice to have a companion there to make you feel good, you won’t feel good when it comes to your results.

    Once you have warmed up, always focus to reach that 7-10 effort range for each set you do. You should not be able to hold a dialogue with anyone because you are physically grunting or too tensely focused on the weight that you are moving. The benefit to you is that you burn more calories per set, and the extra resistance with higher weight or more reps shocks the muscle and creates muscle growth. You will really feel leave the gym feeling a sense of accomplishment. This mini-win for the day creates momentum that we all need to keep us going back for more !!! =)

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