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    Hi there!

    My name is Susana Salamanca. I’m a CBT therapist, a Coach and a Teacher, specialised in Emotional Liberation and Animal Assisted Program.

    Last year I started a program called Empowering Women, a programme that offers free horse assisted therapy to women who have experienced any type of domestic violence. Those women, sometimes forgotten, who had the strength to leave that experience behind but struggle to keep their lives together, due to the trauma that the situation left within them. Empowering Women provides individual therapy sessions every week to each participant so they can, bit by bit, overcome the trauma and create a healthy lifestyle. As you can imagine, the emotions that have arisen along the year have been overwhelming on many occasions, but it turned out that starting this programme has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my own growth, as a person and as a professional. These women have been through the most traumatic experiences and humiliations we can imagine and yet, all of them, come to a point during therapy when they take full responsibility for their lives, they learn from their experiences and how to move forward stronger than ever.

    Empowering Women is growing and this year they’re receiving a monthly group session added to their individual sessions, but to continue the good work we need all the financial help we can get and here is where I ask for your help.

    You can find more info here Empowering Women or you can directly support us with our campaign on GoFundMe 

    Here you can read a testimonial of one of the participants The Journey Within

    Thank you for your help, please, feel free to ask anything. I’ll be glad to connect with you.

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