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    Basically, I believe that everyone, every soul in the universe has a unique quest that only they can fulfill that no one else can. Its interesting because of how there are some people in the world who are role models in the sense that they are role models for what not to be/do but that became their purpose and actually in the eyes of the universe that is actually a very important thing that only they can do. While others are role models for the right way to be.

    But don’t get me wrong because this absolutely does not mean that its ok to be a bad role model or to sit and do nothing, what I’m trying to say is that your destiny is in your hands. Its your very own journey. Its up to you at the end of the day to realize what your unique purpose by matching it with your beliefs and your lifestyle and to fulfill it. In the sentence above I was just highlighting that sometimes people just don’t care and do end up being bad role models.

    For example, everyone has a gift, it doesn’t have to be a performable talent like singing or dancing or art, it may just be that you are very good at making new friends or maybe that you can speak lots of different languages or whatever. Recognizing your gift is also part of fulfilling your destiny.

    But my point is that everyone has a quest that only they are capable of fulfilling in the universe.


    I like that idea that we all have something unique and specific for each of us in our lives. I sometimes wonder if my struggles are a journey leading me to somethung out there I haven’t figured out yet. I guess all you can do is keep pushing ahead even when things are not going your way.


    Yes because we all need a sense of greater purpose even if we don’t know exactly what that purpose is or how we fit into it. I know that not everyone believes in destiny but I certainly do which is why I wrote this post! I have like a strong compass guiding me at all times, I call this compass conscience. So we all have a special mission like no other but that doesn’t mean doing nothing, that means following conscience. Its about following your heart but don’t lose your head, this means making use of your talents etc. Also serving humanity by helping ppl like charity & also by being a part of community. Doing all this means that you are on track in life. By the way this concept of a special purpose for everyone in the universe is from Buddhism, google it and you will see many Buddhist sites that support this idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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