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    When I was hired by the company, I told them I could do A,B,C,D,E etc. But they offer me very low salary based on my age and experience, like fresh graduate salary and made me the lowest level executive. Then after period one year almost two year, I have proven my ability to do A,B,C,D,E and maybe more. But then I saw someone who is only able to do B, get higher level and paid more because of the experience.

    When I want advance and promotion, my manager promotes my other colleague because let say she already the longest stay in this company among all the same level as me. I feel very discouraged and sad most of the time, because I’ve tried to give my best skill, ideas, show them but all becomes nothing, I feel still in the same spot. Yes, I am young 24-25 years old.

    I show my capabilities and my projects have gone to get praise by a lot of CEO level (highest level) but sadly I am still at the lowest, and my salary won’t change much if I don’t get promoted. After they know my capabilities, they keep asking me to do ABCDE, if I refuse, they said I become emotional and difficult. I am scared to grant their wish and scared to do more. What should I do?

    Thank You,


    You’re in the wrong company obviously. You are capable of so much more but the people who make the decisions don’t like you for whatever reasons. They will continually take you for granted and there is nothing you can do about it. You are scared to leave because you have put so much into your work. They know that, and they know you know that and they reckon you don’t have the guts to leave so they will continue to abuse you.

    Sorry but you need to get away from those uncaring people or they will take advantage of you for the rest of your life.

    Peace xxx


    Hi Jonathan,

    Thank You so much for your reply.

    Yeah, I have put so much into my work and feel unhappy to just leave like that. Furthermore, this company give me working visa which is probably difficult to get, I am working in another country. But I feel discouraged with things happening and I am not sure which path to take.

    I am afraid if I go to another company, it will be the same case again. They pay you A pay but asked you work double and start prove yourself again or starting from zero. I am so confused. Feel sad.

    Thank You,


    Hey Doremi,
    I can tell that this has been taking a lot out of you and I’m sorry that this has been taking away from your happiness. Your ability to persevere is what is causing the problem though. The problem lies in you choosing to accept how you feel about the company. Take responsibility for your feelings and realize that you have the power to change them. There are a few ways you can fix this but first you need to understand that your desire for money and a job title will never lead you to happiness. That only comes from within. You need to find some type of hobby that you can do before and after work that centers and relaxes you because it seems that the anger you feel towards your company is depriving you of living your life. You need to understand how serious this is.

    So firstly, if this job is truly what you want, you need to be relentless in your pursuit for advancement. Work harder, show up earlier, leave later, constantly bring it up to your manager and managers manager that you’re ready for more responsibility. Your manager may be threatened by your skill level and may not want competition or maybe he’s just oblivious to your desire for expansion. Who knows. What I do know is that if you keep this up, you’re going to run yourself into the ground. Understand that. Find the joy in what you do by any means necessary because you deserve it. Also, realize that the person you’ll become is the person you are now. Would that person let their manager take away their drive to succeed or would that person work even harder despite these challenges?

    Secondly, if this job is not worth the effort, figure out what you would find joy in doing and go get it. The longer you sit in this state of uncertainty and doubt, the worse it’s going to get. Instead of spending your time procrastinating and depressed, look for jobs, push yourself to exercise and get mentally healthy. I know it’s hard to find motivation in a mindset like this but it’s crucial that you use your ability to persevere for the right reasons but only you know what those reasons are.

    Good luck with this and always remain hopeful and positive. Be strong and relentless in your pursuit of your dreams.

    Thepathofaronin.blogspot.com is my personal blog. Use it if you need more advice.


    Dear Doremi.

    It is important to earn that which you have worked for, as that is fair. Keeping that in mind, you should not have to overwork for what you earn, nor under-work so you may acquire. Your CEOs are happy with your work, and you do have the skills. While that is important, you might have missed something that is quite important too.

    If you notice the trend of your workplace, promoting people they have known long term is a sign that your company bases their decisions on trust earned.

    That being said, you don’t have to be a long term worker to be trusted. Just improve your relations with people in your workplace on a human level, which is great for you and your workplace environment. In time when you will earn their trust as well, keeping you head low, you will move up as you get closer to them.

    It is always best to not acquire things, even if things may seem unfair. You are being taught about trust right now, just go with the flow.

    May relief come your way.

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    I feel so sorry for you. the fact that you admit you are afraid is something your employers must pick up on straight away and they know they have you in their clutches.

    Find an organisation that can help. They do exist.

    Nobody should live in fear, it is what people have fought against since the beginning of time, and in this century we should fight even more to gain our liberties against the oppression of those who use power against us for the benefit of themselves.

    The human race needs to survive and it will only happen with the altruism and equality of wealth only attainable from a post-consumerist society.



    Thank You So Much Adam, Jonathan, Nida!

    All replies give me a lot of perspective to think of. Maybe I was very naive at the start and people see me young and don’t know the real thing. However, I’ve raised this concern to my head department (cried), he said mine one is already high compare to my peers same level. But I think he forget my skill is different with people who the same age with me, I don’t mean to become arrogant. But I learn very hard to have a lot of skill and I hope people appreciates it.

    Thank You so much for the guidance, I will see what happen 😀

    All the best,

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