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    hello, I’m back.  I’ve ever post something in here before about my depressed ex girlfriend. I’ve already decided to left her after being ignored by her for 3 days. but she was trying to text me and asked me how am i doing there but i ignored her and then i sent her my last goodbye for her and blocked her. after that i was trying to find my own peace of mind.. im trying to get involved in a forum that ever in the same situation like i have. but somehow…now i feel so numb, i feel so guilty to left her just like that when she’s depressed. I feel like im the asshole here and i really hate myself for leaving her. so i decided to unblocked and i hope she noticed and i hope she’ll talk to me again. but she never come back to me… i feel fucked up again, and I miss her so bad.. does everyone ever experience something like this too? and also do you guys think she’ll be back to me when she’s not that depressed anymore?



    Dear Agnes1205

    You did post here  before, but it was more about the depressed Agnes than a depressed girlfriend.

    Here is what you wrote about yourself: “before I met this woman, I actually have some plans.. I used  to have a plan like get a job someday after I finished  my study and then do everything what I want, do some  bad and crazy things like drunk, using drugs, sleep with anyone I want to then kill myself… I already hate my  life that much even before I met  her“.

    After you met  her  you “was trying to kill myself when she asked me  to broke up with her… she’s still ignoring me on WhatsApp.  I honestly feel like  getting  back into that depression“.

    See, it is you who is depressed, way before you met  her.

    This is your current life: “I live with my parents.. my parents usually not at home. I’m alone. I’m not employed, I’m 19 years old and I’m just a college student.  I usually just listening to some music and maybe just stare at nothing”.

    And then your girlfriend is a woman you never met. And within the online communications with her she lied to you a lot. At one point you wrote to me: “thank you so much for opening my eyes. I was so blind by all of her lies”.

    Well, you opened your eyes and then you closed them again.

    My input today: you wrote that your father is a doctor. I strongly suggest that you ask your father to arrange for you to see a psychologist/ psychotherapist as soon as possible. I would  like to imagine that some  time, maybe even this year, you will feel better, feel useful (not useless like you wrote that you feel), that your life will become  meaningful to you, that you will get interested in school and in getting a  job, making money, and finding love as well. All these things can happen in your life.

    Get the professional help first, please.


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