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    Hello again fellow seekers, im really blessed to have forums in tinybuddha to ask about important issues and somewhere to seek help and perspective from. So thank you for everyone that responds.

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>So yesterday i met up with one of my long term friends*lets call her E, and we where going to meetup with her two other friends. Both of her friends are gay and she primarily knows this one friend from work * lets call him J. So im meeting E and J and j’s boyfriend and we are going out for lunch. Usually when i meet E, we talk slowly, in a calm pace, intimate conversation and she is generally being nice but when i meet E this time she has total focus on her other friend. She doesnt invite me in to their conversation and when we sit down for dinner she totally ignores me. I tired making eyecontact for 30-45 seconds straight and she just keeps looking everywhere else than on me. So E keeps her attention on J and i notice she wants to be center of attention for some reason and everytime i make up something to add to the conversation she made signs of displeasure, almost as if it was bad for me having a good time or even speaking to her friend. So she keeps silencing me down, but the nice thing about the interaction with J and E is that J seems to see how rude she is acting. But he doesnt know me that well and doesnt really know what to do about it. I also feel this friendship that E is having with J is somewhag toxic, they keep making cynical jokes, being sarcastic, and mean to eachother just on the point of actually being rude. I can imagine E is hating when J is roasting her because he so much better at roasting her the she is, but everytime she plays it off as a joke or she laughs. It amazes me how each time they do this thing they end up saying “i luuuv u” in the end of a diss or a roast but it still feels like they dont really even like eachother. For some reason she (e) is trying to look like the upperhand and in control with her friend when im around, and it feel like she feels good to have me there awkwardly in silence around them. I feel like i have to be in defense because whenever she gets roasted or made a fool of by her friend or me she immediatly has to attack someone else, usually me to regain her stature or whatever it is. I feel all like im a ghost to her around them because someone better has came along. Does anyone know why she would treat me like this around this friend. Its almost as if she is “owning HER friends and around HER friends she always demands to be right and the upperhand, so whenever i confront her about the smallest thing she feels attacked and has to attack me for nothing. She knows she cant do this to J because she will lose but its ok to be mean to me because its not my style to backfire. Im gay aswell so she is the only straight one in this group, which makes it confusing.</p>

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