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    Whenever i find out that one of my friends dislikes a show or music artist (etc) that i like, i kinda blow it off at first. these are things that i love, like musicals and television shows that i really really love, and im suddenly questioning why i like them just because a friend doesn’t like it. is it just me trying to fit in with my friends? i really want to stop but it seems like more of an unconscious thing

    i do.


    Hi! Can an apple look, taste, and smell just like a mango? Or just like a pear? No right? Well, it’s a really simple – don’t compare what’s not comparable or you’re going to drive yourself crazy. We all are made unique, and we’re supposed to like/dislike different things too. More than ever, we need to respect others likes and dislikes too. What you’re doing is trying hard to fit in or belong, so you’re adjusting your likes/dislikes depending on those of your friend(s). You’re only being untrue to yourself and your friends would not even know you’re suffering in silence! Liking or not liking a TV show, a type of clothing, a movie genre, a music band does not define your relationships with anyone!!! So do not ever let this control your equation with others. Be unique, stand up for what you like or hate (!), and don’t second guess your choices or decisions 🙂 You are an amazing person, live up to it!


    Dear E:

    When you are “suddenly questioning why i like them just because a friend doesn’t like it”, it means that you value a friend’s likes more than you value your own, as if someone else thinks better than you think, correct?



    I agree with you Anita.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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