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    im a 18 year old girl struggling to start something with my life. middle class, everything was pretty averagely normal growing up until my father took his own life unleashing all hell in my house. its been 5 years since hes been gone and everything around me has seemed to turn into nothing but stress and anxiety. I no longer want to live in my house because its way to much for me to handle in numerous ways. i make about $300 every 2 weeks, i have no car, no family, i have some friends but none that can help me in any way. i want to travel the world and become a nurse. im in a giant rut that i cant get out. i cant just live in my room every day and i cant really get any better of a job or an education so whats next?


    I think that the first thing to do is to try finding out the life that you imagine better for you to live in. Is it still a “local” life? Is it life “far away”? Is it a life in hectic schedule? Or a calm life inside a village? We tend to tell ourself that better life has direct relation with how much money we earn. I prefer not to mention money because I will never know how much money you will have in the future. What I suggest is about fixing a “past life” by deciding today where do you think your future lies.


    Hello Annaliskincaid, I think that this great that you want to be a nurse. That sounds like a great plan to start with. Nurses have many opportunities to learn and grow, they make good money, and they help others. Ask around at hospitals and doctors offices and see if you can work there doing any work to gain some experience. Find housing nearby and even apply for subsidized housing. Move somewhere where you can take a bus. Take an online class. Do some “interviewing” – not for a job, but where you call and schedule a 30 minute appointment to ask a nurse how he or she got there, and what suggestions they have. Most people are willing to help, if you give them a choice of when to talk. Ask if you can shadow a nurse for an afternoon. Do something little every day to work towards your goal, even if it is only scheduling in 20 minutes and then journaling about why you want to be a nurse.
    I am sorry about your dad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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