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    Happiness ….The desire of everybody ……the dream of everybody. But only few can understand true meaning of it. We always think that things ll make us happy. if I achieve that goal life will be superb. if I get that relationship , life will be awesome…but that’s not truth. Things outside never make us happy but our strong desire to live each moment and our dealing with things lead us to real happiness. There should be inner force of positivity which teaches us how to deal with things.
    We see that people have money, power, position, family, still they feel emptiness. What is the reason of it?? They have not ability to feel happiness and be satisfied. I had read that each person has his own level of happiness and he or she can be happy up to that level. If he or she achieves things, his happiness level will be up for sometime but after that he will again at his previous happiness level. Moral is that we should try the most to increase that happiness level as much as we can. It doesn’t mean that don’t work hard for your goal or success but it means that during that hard work don’t forget to enjoy life.
    The other things which make us sad are over expectation and dependence on relations. People should behave as we want .they should understand us. They should response us as we want. All these thoughts kill our happiness and inner joy. Since we behave according to our thought and believe, how can we expect others to behave according to us. Lack of this understanding gives birth too many misunderstanding and in all those things we forget to enjoy the sweetness of the relations with our dear ones. Each thing has two sides positive and negative and now it’s up to us what we absorb from it.
    Life is too short and we have one chance to live. So instead of complaining we should learn to find happiness in each moment and make our days full of happiness. Don’t chase happiness, u have it. Only recognize it.

    samir saha

    Very true the major reason why people are unhappy is “expectation”. Stress and frustration mostly comes from unmet expectations? In such cases we have two choices: Either change the reality around or change our expectations.First case, in most situations is out of our control but we can learn to change our expectation when its not met.
    In short, get used to not getting what you want. 🙂


    Did you know that there is a “happy gene” and that about half of our tendencies toward happiness are attributed to it? That’s the nature of happiness.

    But a whole other half of our happiness comes from our thoughts, words, and actions — the everyday simple, little happy habits we choose to practice. This is how we nurture happiness.

    We can practice being happy, sharing happiness, and develop happy habits. Like any mindful practice, it is an ongoing practice, one that leads to whole being wellness and success.

    Happy day to you!


    samir and midge..thanx for replies…I hope we can develop positive attitude..and react in each situation accordingly…Happiness is really a choice..i observed many people and understood it.


    Perhaps I am totally wrong or a bit confused. My emotions and expressions, methods of how I express myself are different from most people. I have always equated happiness to something temporary, it lasts for a short period of time and then it disappears. Much like a butterfly, rainbow or a giant soap bubble that floats so gracefully through the air only to pop before your eyes. Truly happiness is nice plateu or mountain to climb but eventually there is the descent back to level ground all over again. These moments of happiness can be life changing and very emotional. Without any shadow of doubt, being happy is a choice you make every single day of your life.

    But for me, I want more than just happiness —

    Because of the gaps and holes in my own life experience, healing has not always been easy. To be open and honest about it, sometimes I still struggle with it but I refuse to give up even after being knocked down so many times. Becoming aware of the pain and suffering of others all around it is not uncommon for me to want to do something good for others. I was never blessed with enough money to a be a benefactor but I did discover that I could be a vehicle or channel for goodness to travel through. With this life changing view of life I have a spring of joy. Now joy if allowed to pass can be given to others and its resource knows no end or depth of the well. Happiness very often results from circumstances that move in your favor but the spring of joy flows effortlessly.

    samir saha

    Happiness in my point of view is not any destination or achievement but its all about the lives journey itself. There is a famous saying

    “life is 1 percent what you make it and 99 percent how you take it ”
    Its truly about perception. A positive way of taking things along with least expectation from the world around can keep your “Happy gene” active.

    I remember a story of a 70 year old business man whose factory caught fire due to some accident. When the news was delivered to him, the old man started smiling.

    “Have you gone Insane. Your Factory is in fire and you are smiling” someone asked.
    ” At the age of 70 god wants me to start fresh, I am thankful that he never let me feel old” The old man replied..still smiling 🙂


    ya happiness is all about attitude and sometimes humanity is also happiness..as bob says…Happiness is within us we should only recognize it…

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