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    Has anyone here lived long enough to help me understand if life truly happens in cycles?

    Did you go through tough times and felt like it would last forever? But you moved on and saw light? And then tough times again but of less intensity because the first tough time was super intense so you were stripped off of a lot of stuff haha.

    So basically does one see light eventually? Is life truly alternative ‘ups’ and ‘downs’?


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    Hi Rainbow

    From the beginning of recorded history ‘man’ has wondered about the cycle of life. Cycle of the moon was seen as representing the cycle of life, death, rebirth…. As was the rising and setting of the sun.  And then of course the change of seasons…

    There is a time for everything…. So yes, life is a cycle of ‘life, death, life…’  on every level.

    In Christianity Christ dies on the cross to be reborn. If you follow Christ you follow him in this cycle, every moment a birth, betrayal, death, and resurrection. In Buddhism each breath is a cycle – inhale we are reborn, exhale we ‘die’ One might argue that each breath represents the opportunity of reincarnation.  That is of course viewing ‘death’ symbolically, usually evolving a ego “dying”

    Light and dark exist in each other they cannot exist without the other. If we did not know darkness we could not know light. Light points to the darkness and darkness points to the light.

    It is in time of darkness, if you establish perspective, that you realize want you want and identified the opportunity to walk towards it… if one is courageous and does not fear  all ‘dying’ it might take to get their..


    I really like the examples that you have mentioned. I was thinking more from a macro stand point but you point out cycles which occur even in a moment (inhalation and exhalation). Very interesting! Gives my heart immense solace and also gives me food for thought to understand and contemplate equanimity, especially because duality occurs in every moment!. Thank you for.sucb a thoughtful reply and insights, Peter 🙂


    I’m about to turn 65 and thats definitely the way life has gone for me.  I was a late bloomer with low self esteem so my teenage years were horrible.  Felt like a loser and that things would never get better.  Started blooming when I went away to college and made a lot of friends which made me feel better about myself.  Life was so much better during these years.  Things went well until I was hit with biochemical depression and anxiety in my late forties.  It was triggered by a very traumatic event.  Spiraled down for about 5 years of pain before I sought treatment.  I do need help from an antidepressant but it gave me my life back.  I am in excellent health for my age and got remarried last year.  Just when things look so bleak, they have a way of turning around.

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