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    Hi guys.
    Well, an outside advice might help me.

    I had a love, a really special love for me, (too special I can say) when we broke up, I was so sad, and the problem with this is that I love him so much that it takes my heart out of my chest, I mean, even If we werent together anymore I did things I cant even explain to be with him only if was just a minute.
    Of course, in some point this wasnt healthy for me because he has never feel this way, so we stop talking and seein each other for almost a year, I took my time.

    Then I fell in love for one of my best friends, and we started our relantionship. At this point I still was rembember a little bit my ex, but I was okay.
    Everything was great until the other day. You see, I went to a party and it took me by surprise but I saw him and man my knees blended, We talked and I was so happy, my god REALLY happy.
    After that night I started to texting him EVERYDAY, and asking him to go out (of course, he didnt want to)
    I clear my mind and I stopped, again.
    Dont get me wrong, I love my boy but I’ve never experience the strong love I have for him. I stop lookin for him, for my own good, but sometimes when he does I cant resist, I just love to know anything about him.
    I feel that I cant forget him, and man thats awful, it takes my peace away, its been a year now since we broke up and sometimes, some weeks I cant get him out of my head…


    Hi Andre,

    Unfortunately, it sounds as though your love doesn’t want to be with your in a relationship so unfortunately, you cannot hold onto this hope. You need to move on and to do this, you need to keep your distance. Vent all the stages of grief you go through on a close friend and confide in them.

    Hope this helps.



    The kind of love you have for him is one sided. He’s moved on and you haven’t been able to get him out of your heart. Unrequited love is the most painful kind of love out there to experience. Google and read up on it, go to the site baggage reclaim and read on there as well.

    Daisy is right, you need to rid of the hope so you can fully begin to grieve and let go, go through the stages of grief. You need to avoid this man, never see or speak to him again. Like he’s poison to you!

    If you can’t do this on your own, please get help. There’s no shame in seeking therapy to help you cope with this and learn to let go in a healthy way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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