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    I’m writing to you about a chance my fellow Teach For America corps members/Alumni and I are hoping to take to start creating transformational change for our kids in New Orleans.

    In ONE MONTH I plan to embark on a trip halfway around the world to India. To meet up with local teachers and activists to study and learn from the leadership paradigm that has emerged in India and apply our findings to create seismic, sustainable change in education in Greater New Orleans. We plan on this trip being the initial catalyst to shift the leadership paradigm in GNO from rapid advancement and individual accomplishments to one where the voices of our community are at the forefront, driving the change. In order to create enduring change that is community centered, we must shift our paradigm from competition to one of selfless service.

    Our days will be packed with visiting schools in Mumbai and Delhi, volunteering with an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) working for girls’ and women’s rights through health initiatives, collaborating with a professor on a non-profit that helps children who beg for money on the trains, and incorporating time for reflection in some of India’s most sacred temples

    I feel very lucky to be a part of this experience. We are working through Teach For America’s network to fund the majority of this trip through grants and local donors but each traveler is personally responsible for raising $800 in order to attend.I would greatly appreciate any support you can offer towards my fundraising goal. Donating is easy online through our fundraising site. Please include my name in the comment when you donate so I will get credit for the donation; it will be very helpful since our whole group is on the same site: http://www.gofundme.com/GNOtoINDIA

    Whether it is positive vibes, sharing this link or being able to contribute anything is greatly appreciated.

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