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    Holding Yourself Accountable
    “If every time we choose a turd, society, at a great expense, simply allows us to redeem it for a pepperoni, then not only will we never learn to make smart choices, we will also surrender the freedom to choose, because a choice without consequences is no choice at all.”
    -Tom Robbins, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas
    The Power of your personal choices extends beyond creating your own destiny. It has a ripple effect throughout society. Your choices either create abundance or deficit within your environment whether immediate or far-reaching. This role you have is unavoidable. You have been given a great gift of human consciousness, a gift of profound importance in being able to take ideas and thoughts and make them a physical reality. A gift for which you must be accountable as it is in lacking accountability, in not interacting vulnerably and authentically with your environment and those around you for mutual benefit, that you are surely destined to create a deficit and a less than ideal life.

    The choices you make increase in value when you are able to identify that those choices are inexorably connected to results, whether positive or negative, that it is unavoidable that with each choice comes action which has a direct effect on your future, your relationships and your environment. Be concious of this precious gift and just how powerful your thoughts truly are in that they inevitably lead to manifestation in one way or another.

    Trace your results to the source and you will see there is a definite and clear chain of cause and effect. Take the words of Lao Tzu;

    “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

    It is in the awareness of this chain of cause and effect from the source of your ideas and thoughts right through to the manifestation of those ideas that you will discover just how powerful you truly are and with that power must come a level of accountability in order to be authentic, make choices of esteemed character and engage in interactions with greater greater mutual benefit.

    We would like to offer you some tips on maintaining your clarity of your Power of Choice and sustaining your level of accountability;
    1. Choose a Clearly defined Goal: For 30 years JK has given out goal cards on which is stated ‘on (fill in the date) I am so happy now that I have (fill in your vision)’. By clearly defining a goal you clearly define your direction and the choices that you will make are more likely to be accountable to this higher purpose.
    2. Frame your Goal with an Action Plan: Your goal is attainable through a clearly defined Action Plan. It is much easier to hold yourself accountable to specific sets of actions such as “Spend at least one hour a day prospecting” rather than abstract ideas like “Embrace my authenticity”.
    3. Review and Score Yourself: Spend a few minute a few times a day reviewing your Goal and Action Plan. Score yourself. This is a great way to keep the accountability bar at a consistent level.
    4. Choose Accountability Teammates: As we have suggested in previous blogs and newsletters, authenticity is intrinsically dependant upon genuine interaction with others. Studies have shown that mutual accountability is extraordinarily effective. Just take a look at the success of groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Weight Watchers. Choose a few colleagues or trusted friends and exchange feedback. This is a surefire way to boost productivity and clearly define levels of accountability.
    5. Adopt Perspectives and Share Strategies: In your brief sessions with your accountability teammates you are provided an opportunity to re-evaluate and recalibrate your perspective, adopt new strategies and redesign your potential solutions for obstacles. Masterminding is invaluable for developing solutions, increasing standards and maintaining accountability.

    Accountability is fundamental to making empowered choices.

    Visit our blog for information on the The Dormant Light within the Dark, How Crisis Reveals Character, Unlearning to Grow and JK’s Coaching Programs.

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    We have a burning desire to accelerate your performance and drive you into a higher level of happiness, prosperity and growth.

    Create some Fire and Pass the Torch,

    The Kanary Team

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