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    My ex and I have been through a lot. He claims he wants a future with me and still sees us getting back together, but not right now. He also claims that he still loves me very much, that I am always on his mind, and that he regrets breaking up with me. I believe every word of it because he isn’t one to throw words like that out there. He is able to cut people off in a heartbeat, but he always finds away to contact me. It is like neither one of us could let go, until now.

    I ended up catching him in a lie which led to the fact that he explained to me that no one thinks he likes me. So he is keeping the fact that he cares for me on the DL. After he asked me to talk to him later, I reached out and he acted like losing me was nothing. He wasn’t being cold hearted. He was just like “I already know you care” “I think we both need to move on for right now but then get back together later” etc. He never apologized once for everything he put me through, and just like of made a joke out of it after the fact. I know he runs away from problems and he admitted to it.

    So my question is (not so much involving my situation because I want to know more about this) how do guys act after a break up and why do they act that way? Why do people walk out when they still love someone?


    Well, I know a guy friend of mine who was in relationship with my best friend. Their relationship wasn’t a matured one but it couldn’t be even neglected. He often used to judge her for the way she used to behave and always used to stress on her to change herself. Later, they couldn’t hold on anymore and they both broke up. He always used to talk with me about his relationship’s ups and downs since I was his best friend. What I saw in him after break up was he used to think about her and there are many times where I got calls from him even in the midnights and he used to beg me to help him get back. Guys can be this way too. They still be loving you but they are stopped by the ego within them. I still can’t make out how guys take relationships seriously. Meanwhile, my ex was kind of different guy. He never used to try to patch things up after any fight. It was me who used to run after him for patching up. He never felt anything when I wasn’t around him. The thing that I see common in most of the men or guys is they’re highly egoistic. They don’t like to admit their mistakes or confess about anything. According to me, both the relationships of my friends and me ended just because of the ego in the guys because I saw it happen with my own eyes. Sometimes, even if they did love you for real even after the break ups they don’t like to admit so.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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