How do I know it was a sign and not just manifestation?

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    I’m dealing with the end of a long distance relationship, which didn’t came because we didn’t love each other but cause the circumstances are so hard. I asked the universe to send me a sign so I don’t give up on this relationship. I specifically asked it to see the name of my boyfriend  somewhere and I went to sleep. The next day I go to meet someone for work reasons  at a cafe I’ve never been to. As soon as I walk in I hear a guy calling the waiter and it was my boyfriend’s name. I thought I heared it wrong, after finishing my meeting I thought if I heard the name right or not. And another person calls him again, and yes it was his name. I felt good but could hardly believe it. The next fews days I asked universe to send me a butterfly as a sign for the same reason, and since that day I’ve seen butterfly pictures, objects, jewlleries everywhere.

    Now I don’t know what to thinks, are those the signs I asked for or I just manifested butterflies and his name.

    I need an answer pls

    Thank you


    Dear Enya:

    I don’t believe these are signs. I think that a waiter having the same name as your boyfriend’s is a coincidence, and not a surprising coincidence if your boyfriend’s name is not unique.

    Regarding the images of butterflies appearing in pictures and jewelry, those pictures and jewelry with the image of butterflies were produced before you asked the universe for “a butterfly as a sign”. They were not produced after you asked for a sign. Therefore, they were not projected as a result of you asking for a sign.

    Often when we have an image in our mind (ex., a butterfly), we tend to pay attention to seeing an actual image of it in real-life, when otherwise, when we don’t have a particular image in our mind, we don’t pay attention to it in real life, especially a small size image (as opposed to an image of an elephant, for example, being too big and too unusual to ignore).

    When you asked the universe for a sign regarding what is best for you to do regarding your long  term relationship, you assumed that the universe cares about what choice you make. My problem with this thinking is that the universe (as a power that cares about the people in it) hasn’t listened to millions of children and innocent people in deadly situations, such as in wars: people about to die who begged and prayed and screamed out to the universe: save me, don’t let me die!

    And they died. So, if the universe doesn’t care about millions of innocent people dying, why would it care about whether one woman continues or ends a long distance relationship?

    *If you want my input regarding your long distance relationship, do share about it and I will be glad to read and reply to you further. Clearly, this is an important issue for you and a difficult decision to make.


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    I’m dealing with the end of a long distance relationship, which didn’t came because we didn’t love each other but cause the circumstances are so hard.

    There is a difference between seeing a sign and asking for a sign

    When asking for a ‘sign’ we are at the same time implanting a thought into the subconscious. At a subconscious level we see more then what we are conscious of seeing. (we ignore most of what we see and hear…) By setting the intention for a sign you asked your subconscious to make what you might normally ignore noticed.  Kind of like the “pink elephant paradox” which refers to “inductive thinking caused by the difficulty of inadvertently proving the existence of a concept or phenomena just because it overtly or insidiously exists in one’s thoughts, leading to mis-attribution, or mis-categorization of data, and thus subverting inductive processes.”

    Meaning if the thought of seeing a butterfly as a sign is important to you your more likely to notice butterflies and because of the sign association you have attached to butterflies make a mis-attribution as to what it means – wishful thinking to see what you want to see.

    If your going to ask for a sign and then define what that sign must look, your defeating the purpose as you must then ask if you are seeing what you want to see… although doing so is a indication that  you really want the relationship to workout. (which is a sign of what you want. Sadly does not change circumstances.

    It is unfortunate that Love alone does not mean a relationship is destined to be.

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