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    Hi everyone,

    Right now i have a fear of being single and without relationship. I fear that i’ll stay single forever, i feel so down. To get a new person (for future girlfriend potential) i need to befriend them first, its just that my closest friends cant seem to offer me anyone new.. because they have few friends too and i have known their friends’.
    And right now is in quarantine state, and for safety reasons my parents told me to stay at home everyday (in which i wanted also because its safer), but i keep getting thoughts that when will i get a girlfriend. I’m still 21 now, but i dont want to stay calm because i dont want to regret later on…

    And also i still have this problem regarding my height, so everytime i go out i always use thick sandals/shoes to increase my height a bit. But i still feel insecure if i have to go to someone house or a place where i have to take off sandals/shoes. Well if the place have a low ceilings (like in apartment).. i still can fake my height… but if the ceilings are big i cant. How do i fake my height then… im so confused, like i wanna fake 2cm of my height.

    Can someone help me regarding these 2 issues?




    Hi Felix,

    it sounds like due to the quarantine, and due to not knowing too many people personally who may be potential girlfriends, you might want to try a dating app. that way you can still meet new people, outside of your friends and who they know, and you can get to know them a little bit extra before meeting in person. This way you can also ask what girls height might be or ask what their preference is to ensure that you will be compatible and there will be no uncomfortableness due to that. Good luck Felix!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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