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    Kelly Nguyen

    With the inspiration of my lovely dog, Mo, I created a website for pet lovers called The Pet Chronicle (www.ThePetChronicle.com) It’s an online newspaper that covers inspiring, heart opening, and humorous stories about pets. Any ideas on how I could gain “Likes” to my FB page besides just asking friends? Right now, I have 15 likes (shame). It went live yesterday. 

    Joshua Denney

    Don’t be ashamed, it’s just Facebook!

    As with anything, you need to give people a good reason to subscribe to your page. Right now, you have pretty much nothing to offer on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Pet-Chronicle/348777618567499).

    Think about what you do on the Pet Chronicle site and bring some of that over to Facebook. If you can pick a few good, funny photos and get people to share them (from your FB page), it will give you an opportunity to be seen by new people that are interested in pets and related things.

    I would add more content before I tried to push for any ‘likers’, but you can also target people via Facebook ads. You can be very specific to what pages and things they like, where they live, and maybe even if they have a pet or not (maybe it’s available data now, haha).

    Quality > Quantity.

    Kelly Nguyen

    Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my FB page. Yes, you are right! I had nothing on the FB page. I’ll translate some of the material from my website over. Great idea!

    Thanks! And yes, Quality > Quantity



    If you want more likes, you’ll have to give people a reason to like you. Like Joshua said: you need content on your page.
    So, how do you get many likes? Look at what people love to share. People love ‘cute’ animal videos and pics. So, follow a couple of high profile pages with tons of followers and share their pics and vids on your page. Go on youtube and find some cool videos, click the share button and share them on your page.
    If you have the opportunity to create some pictures and videos yourself, do so. Then share them on your page and on other popular pages. If you post to other pages and share their content, they will do the same for you and exposing your page to tens or maybe hundres of thousands of people.
    Try to do this every day: share on or more of your own pictures and share a post from someone else’s (highly popular) page.
    You’ll see your number of likes growing very rapidly.

    Kelly Nguyen

    Hi Guy,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely take them into consideration. And thank you for “Liking” my FB page http://on.fb.me/12P7CJD. It’s a slow start but a start. Thanks again!



    I don’t have a lot of likes by any means, but Kelly, definitely make the Facebook link more prominent on your blog! Having it at the top of your pages rather than hidden at the bottom will encourage more people to visit. I keep mine at the top, right by the logo (www.inspiration4.us)

    Amal Rafeeq

    Hi there Kelly,
    The best ways to get more likes to your Facebook page are:
    Be Active by sharing posts.
    Add a nice Cover picture.
    Invite your friends.
    Add the Like box button on the website.
    And use the Image Fury method. If you want to learn more about it, go to my article to get more likes on Facebook.

    Sam Taylor

    Hi Kelly,

    I too would echo what other people have said before me, focus on creating great content and it will give people a reason to like your page. Users want to gain value from any page they like, so just think about what would give your target audience value, perhaps that’s links to cute pet pictures or links back to your blog posts. I have always had the mentality of ‘if you build it they will come’ and I think that is absolutely the case with Facebook pages, just focus on creating relevant content and you will find people naturally start to ‘like’ you.

    Let’s not also forget that Facebook is a social network, people use the platform to engage with other people. If you’re just on there posting content then they might as well just sign up to your blog RSS feed, it is crucial to interact with your followers on a regular basis. This should be done in two ways. Firstly, respond to any comments, no matter whether they’re good or bad, just respond to everything and every one. Secondly, post questions, ask things that will provoke a response and get a conversation going. Show that you are a real person with a real personality who just wants to share stories with other pet owners.

    You should not concentrate too hard on the number of ‘likes’ your page has, but instead ensure that you have the right type of people. It is far better to have less users ‘like’ your page, but interact with you lots, rather than many users who don’t even look at the page.

    I hope this helps, best of luck to you!


    Abbi Winchester

    facebook is but a social networking website that was created for the joy of social interactions. Now keep in my that yes it is understanding that you would like to have many likes, but are these like worth it? What will it demonstrate about yourself? It will only broadcast yourself on the internet to the millions of users. So in order to get more likes i would say post something meaningful or just be happy with you and all that matters is that yo like it.


    Robito the Buddha

    Hi @guy-neyens You suggest sharing your own videos and pictures on other popular Facebook pages, but is that possible or do you need them to ‘like’ your page or need administrative permission first?

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