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    For me I have always explained how my mind work, or atleast feels like, a highway road, with no start and no end; and thoughts are the cars passing through with different shapes, sizes and colors. Passing by in both directions, different speed, some are very slow that I wish they travel faster, some a very fast that I wish they would travel slower for me to be able to catch them, sometimes the weather is clear, or raining, or foggy, or its a thunder storm. I am the traffic police that try to organize that busy traffic, and controlling stop lights, and try too catch the culprits and put them in prison, some times these cars have accidents on that highway, is it tow cars that deviates from their own course and collide together, is it that one just jumps over a bridge, and other times the wether is so bad that the high way had to be closed.

    So tell me how can you imagin your mind work?


    Dear xaas:

    I may tell you how my mind works at a later time.



    And I’ll be expecting it any time soon, Anita!


    Dear Xaas:

    Using your analogy, my mind works like this when it works for me and not against me:

    A highway road, with a start at my right ear and an end at my left ear; and thoughts are the cars passing through with different shapes, sizes and colors. There is a traffic cop on the highway but he is not harsh and punitive. He is very gentle and patient. If a car makes too much noise and blows up smoke, polluting the air, the cop gently directs those cars off the freeway.

    If the weather is hot, the cop gently suggests drivers to open the windows or turn on the AC. If the weather is cold, the cop kindly suggests the drivers close the windows and turn on the heat. When it is foggy or wet, the cops pleasantly directs the drivers to keep a safe distance and drive slowly so to prevent collisions.

    Another though about thoughs-as-cars: mental health is not about fancy cars, expensive cars that impress some people. It is about simple thoughts that do the job they are supposed to do: get you from point A to point B safely and simply.



    @Xaas said:So tell me how can you imagin your mind work?

    This is cool question.

    When I talk to people, few things get trigger:

    1) what isn’t being said?

    2) what am I missing? what else should I know first?

    3) is this true? why?

    4) how else can I look at this?

    Using a metaphor, my brain is a gatekeeper between information coming in + my jello headquarters. It needs to check if everything is true, if anything is missing, nonverbal behaviour before it lets anything in.

    After it does, jello HQ starts brainstorming different ways to view what has been said before making a decision.

    ^ All this is recent. I went through something intense. Before that, brain drove on a road of “why’s” drew conclusions based on what is said without further digging.

    Sounds like brain was missing: side view mirrors + rear view mirrors in car.

    Mirrors = to check assumptions + see what I can’t see + scrounging for more info before drawing conclusions (making a turn on the road).

    sherry sage

    My stressed mind is like a car stalling in the middle of rush hour on a bridge with “no stopping” signs. My husband is driving and clicking his tongue, The radio blasts traffic reports, the horns around me sound like angry geese and more often than not… my phone is dead and tow trucks cant get through the grid lock. I guess it means I get easily overstimulated and shut down when the stress gets too much.

    However when I find mountain and country roads… the car, my man and my gadgets run perfectly. Much like my brain when I remember to practice the art of doing nothing.

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    It works. That’s all I know.

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