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    sherry sage

    I love any movie that shows human nature evolving.

    Patch Adams- just for everything about it, and the wonderful doctor who insisted on treating people first and the illness second.

    Forrest Gump- well he kept being called stupid but still went on to have an amazing life.

    sherry sage

    flaming fox, I read your post and swear there is a double of me inside you.

    Do you get worried that you will be stuck in something you hate doing just to make your family and friends satisfied that you are fitting into some life calendar slot?

    (oh heck that sounds like a bad tv informercial doesn’t it?)

    My own fear of that keeps me from wanting to even try job hunting. I don’t fear the work I fear being stuck…or settling. Giving in to the guilt because my family wants me to ignore my feelings and just get a life that they wont be ashamed of telling people about.

    I took a job in a shoe store once. It was not an important role, in fact I was stuck in the back of the store away from customers for most of my time there. I often got told to stay home because there were too many staff scheduled. I got fed up with being told where to go and that I could only work in the less frequented men’s section. I am a woman…
    That was not the worst part, they hired a totally unsuitable person as supervisor a girl who could not go a day with out sneering or making one of the staff cry. So I just walked out one day. That sure felt good.

    Im very proud of that day I said ” Enough, I am not settling anymore.” It hasn’t got me closer to finding a really great job but it tells me I have the guts to do what needs to be done.

    SO I guess moving through the stuckness is just about biting the bullet. DO the deed even if it scares you, do it BECAUSE it scares you. Taking risks actually gets kind of fun after a while.

    As for the cello, just play because you love it. if you don’t love it…find something else. I love to write but only because I love it. Also discovered a meditative therapy in painting. What ever takes you away to a “resting zone” is a great thing.

    I really hope we all find our way out of the super glue.

    sherry sage

    Thank you all for responding.

    ntolleson thank you for sharing your story with me. Glad I’m not the only one with an obnoxious inner voice.

    I also have the song stuck in my head thing, they call it a mind worm. My cure for that is to put on something loud like Metallica…then the worm gets drowned out with something I actually want to hear. 🙂

    sherry sage

    Yeah, VJ, have tried the 7-11 technique and find it really helps to make it part of my bed time routine. Meditation is great for me but I do it best while I am outside walking or inside with my journal.

    I guess it’s all in what works for me, not just what some therapist thinks. I haven’t visited one before and I am very nervous about not being understood…or being told there is nothing they can help me with.

    sherry sage

    Thanks Anita, sure I will repost this in my own thread.

    sherry sage

    God is us.
    Human beings are God.
    This world is ours to look after.

    I was not raised religiously though in the few times I have been inside a church or cathedral I have found them to be very comforting places. Never once felt afraid or like I didn’t belong. So I confidently believe in a type of God that makes sense to me.

    sherry sage

    For tension relief I find my keyboard or pen the best release. Writing is very meditative for me.

    1. Write by hand about what is creating tension.
    Don’t edit; don’t censor; just write.

    2. Go to a warm place like your bed, or even take a hot bath (I tape my page to the tiles) and Read it.
    To yourself, or out loud if possible.

    3. Afterwards, destroy the paper.
    Tear it up, shred it, or if so inclined you could even burn it.

    Hope this helps someone today!

    sherry sage

    My stressed mind is like a car stalling in the middle of rush hour on a bridge with “no stopping” signs. My husband is driving and clicking his tongue, The radio blasts traffic reports, the horns around me sound like angry geese and more often than not… my phone is dead and tow trucks cant get through the grid lock. I guess it means I get easily overstimulated and shut down when the stress gets too much.

    However when I find mountain and country roads… the car, my man and my gadgets run perfectly. Much like my brain when I remember to practice the art of doing nothing.

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    sherry sage

    This is as good a place as any for a first post.

    My name is Sherry and I have been married for six and a half years to a wonderful Scots man.

    I’ve been enjoying the Facebook page of Tiny Buddha and felt it might be time to check out the forum.

    My reasons for joining are to make friends and to find answers to my spiritual imbalance. My mind is a frenzy of worries, internal arguments and negativity and has been for the past ten years or so, and I fear it is only getting worse, not better. Sometimes I even feel id be better off leaving my physical state. I don’t want to die…I just want to transition to a different place so maybe my life can start over. but I know that is not likely to happen because I do have a reason for being put on earth.

    Calmness finds me at times but then it gets interrupted when my thoughts wander…then I get off track. SO annoying.

    This behaviour doesn’t help me focus on what my life can be and how I can go about doing things instead of just dreaming about doing things.

    Good news though, I’ve already read some really cool things! Shipps post… talking about a serious life event causing a drive to make changes. That was really inspiring. Life IS indeed fragile and it’s passing by too quickly.

    Wondering now, since nothing in my life is drastically changing…that maybe it is a sign that my life is really okay, no need to worry so much.
    So, many thanks Shipp and thanks Anita for this chance to introduce myself.

    See you all around the forum!


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