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    sherry sage

    SO here’s why I wanted to join Tiny Buddha.
    Thoughts and ideas flood my head. Sounds like radio stations all playing at once but no one person is getting through clearly enough to hear anything specific.
    My mind is a frenzy of worries, internal arguments and negativity.
    I have a lot of fights with people in my head, about stuff no one ever said or did, only what I fantasize about saying in my internal scenario.

    Worrying is in my nature, sensitive and empathetic since I was small.
    Now in my 30s, I fear leaving my home because bad energy is making others dislike or fearful of me.
    I feel it has gotten bad over the last ten years with all the life changes: Marriage, leaving my family home and going to a new country…lost a few family members way too soon. There are also issues with my hormones and fertility. It’s all taken a toll.

    Sometimes I even feel that I would be better off leaving my physical state. No, I don’t want to die; I just want to transition to a different place so maybe my life can start over.

    To answer Anita’s questions from the New Members thread, I have started digging into my spiritual side and meditation has worked when I have the focus to do it properly.
    Writing tends to be a good practice too.

    I have never tried therapy, and I never looked for professional help because I don’t know where to start.

    Am I mentally ill or just stressed?

    How do I know if it’s out of control when I can’t pinpoint the problem?

    I figured I can just try harder to help myself get over this. No one else is going to do it for me.

    Anyways I even feel silly posting all of this, but I do look forward to hearing your replies. Thanks for reading.

    See you all around the forum!


    Dear Sherry:

    I used to have lots of arguments with people, all in my head. I have less of those now. People talked to me a whole lot, in my head, telling me how wrong I was. Next I found myself arguing my case to those people. That happened a whole lot.

    I used to be lost in the noise in my head, lots of self criticism, lots of thoughts about other people criticizing me. My brain was not a pleasant place.

    In psychotherapy, I learned the skill of Mindfulness, that is observing my own thoughts from a distance. Over time, I was no longer ONE with my thoughts, not easily taken hostage by those, taken for a ride. I was able, instead, to observe them from a calm place. Certain guided meditations are about this very thing, observing one’s thoughts.

    Over time you learn to notice those arguments with yourself and disengage from them. When an argument starts in my head, I say to myself: “no one is arguing with me.” and the argument stops. I remember arguments lasting for hours, not anymore.

    When your mind thinks and thinks… and the noise is loud, best depart from the mind and focus on the body: focus on the breath going in and out, again and again. Yoga stretching poses are excellent in that your focus is on the pose itself, on the sensations of the body doing the pose, and so, the attention is no longer on the thoughts.

    Guided meditations about focusing on sounds, sights, feel (the five senses) is a way to again, remove the attention from thinking to sensing.

    There is more, so much more. You wrote: ” I even feel that I would be better off leaving my physical state.”- leaving the overthinking, over-noisy brain is possible by focusing on the rest of the body, not leaving the body, but focusing on it, kind of taking the elevator down from the brain to the rest of the body.

    Till your next post…


    Ane Krstevska

    Create the story of change, imagine yourself as a hero and start going forward, never backward. When it will seem like the story is fading, sense the change. Bring back the triumphant feeling you got when you’ve first created. Does it feel good? Never allow yourself to fail because of abandoning your story. Never allow your fear to push you away from your life path. You can change those habits of getting stuck in self-doubt and anxious thinking cycles only if you stay loyal to your story.
    But how you can change your life if your story works against you?

    Very simple! Change your damn story, create a better one. Become the hero of your lifetime, sing this triumphal song every day. Be proud of it and always be pushing forward. Never forget to remember that the physical world that is surrounding us is not the real limitation. If you don’t know a skill you can always learn it and master it.

    The only limitation is your belief system. You can change your life by adopting a strong belief system in your story. Accept it with all your heart and being.

    Life is too short to get stuck in fear and doubts, why not be happy? We are all gifted in our own ways, dig a little deeper in you, read some good books and find your unique purpose on Earth. When you’ll find what you really are and what you really want to be, you can easily create your lifetime scenario according to your hero story. Don’t ever listen to the others, they might quit on their story and are living somebody else’s life but you, you are the hero and you can change your life for good.

    Try to feel the moment, this moment, just fell from inside and block all of the distraction, even your story, feel the power of love you are carrying with you, feel the heart pumping… Feel the everlasting energy in you. You’ll notice how everything vanishes, fear, doubt, everything.

    You can, and should use this power within you for good things, things that you are passionate about. You are the writer of your story, composer of your song. Use the energy and the love you are caring to write the best story and compose the best song for you.


    Dear sherrysagecmw,

    I too have this problem of uncontrollable thoughts and constant chatter in the head.
    Among the several techniques that I have learned during my spiritual journey I have listed few of them on the below posts and they may be useful to you in your situation. Please give it a try.


    Also, it was nice to see your own post about your own approach added to the ‘Relaxation & Meditation Techniques’ thread.

    Do write back how you feel after practicing those techniques linked above.

    Take Care,

    Ane Krstevska
    Rock Banana

    So, you’ve recognized that meditation has been useful for you when you’ve done it, but you’re not currently doing it, and you’re asking how to quieten your mind?

    (Note that meditation is less about trying to quieten the mind, and more about observing what is happening, and as a byproduct of that people often find their mind quietens. Actually there’s an interesting point – do you need to quieten the mind? If you had these thoughts but knew they were just THOUGHTS (not reality), would you even need a quiet mind?)


    I’ve had this problem for years. I’ve worked in special education, so I’ve worked with some challenging kids. Add to that economic struggles, career dissappointment, and raising five kids. My mental noise began, like three years ago. Songs would repeat over and over in my head. But I also have this thing where I argue with people in my head, almost like I’m trying to justify my thoughts/actions/etc. to people in my head. Add to that the noisy thoughts, and the music. I’ll have a thought, like I feel helpless, and a song with that word will pop up. Also, memories would activate songs. I felt crazy anytime I’d feel someone about this. Took me a long time to even tell my wife. I spent most of my days distracted by the mental noise. Have a hard time putting together sentences, have a hard remembering things or thinking clearly. I feel like a mess most of the time.
    Took me a while before I actually sought out help. Tried mindfulness, and tried to “fix” myself. I’ve been seeing a therapist and a pscychologist since last year, and I’ve been on many different meds to help with my “condition”. Thought I’ve had periods of time when I’ve felt myself, I alsways fall into longer periods of mental noise. Making matters worse, my therapist began telling me “I don’t know how to help you”, and have suggested putting me on med management. Thing is, I still feel so lost most of the time. It’s affected my job as a husband and father, and my work as well. I’ve gone back and forth with using mindfulness apps.
    Sure, I’m still struggling, but it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with this mental noise. Just wish I could figure out a way out of this. Quite often, I feel at the mercy of my thoughts/feelings/sensations.


    Hi ntolleson,

    “Just wish I could figure out a way out of this. Quite often, I feel at the mercy of my thoughts/feelings/sensations.”

    Would you also please give a try at the exercises I posted (just 3 posts) above.
    Especially the ‘The 7-11 Breathing Technique’ & ‘Counting the thoughts’ exercises would help you.



    * Dear ntolleson: as this thread belongs to the Original Poster, Sherry, and I hope she will come back to it, will you be interested in starting your own thread (click FORUMS, choose a CATEGORY, click chosen category, scroll down the page)? I would like to communicate with you there regarding your mental noise.

    sherry sage

    Yeah, VJ, have tried the 7-11 technique and find it really helps to make it part of my bed time routine. Meditation is great for me but I do it best while I am outside walking or inside with my journal.

    I guess it’s all in what works for me, not just what some therapist thinks. I haven’t visited one before and I am very nervous about not being understood…or being told there is nothing they can help me with.

    sherry sage

    Thank you all for responding.

    ntolleson thank you for sharing your story with me. Glad I’m not the only one with an obnoxious inner voice.

    I also have the song stuck in my head thing, they call it a mind worm. My cure for that is to put on something loud like Metallica…then the worm gets drowned out with something I actually want to hear. 🙂

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