How to deal with a narcissist when ignoring them is not enough?

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    My step sister is a huge narcissist.
    She lies so much she can’t keep up with herself and she really thinks she does better, and knows more than EVERYONE.

    Everybody she talks to, she has to talk about herself. And how much MORE she does, how many BETTER things she has, and how much more she knows about a subject.

    And she does it the most with me.
    Constantly belittles me. And if I get mad or upset over it, I need to grow up and stop being insecure.

    Its exhausting to talk or be around her.

    And if you were to complain about it she would be like “wow… THAT got you upset…? Wasn’t talking about you.”

    I never see her anymore and I always do what everyone says. Try to ignore her.

    But I still see her at family events. I don’t want to stop going to a family members just because she’s there.

    And I have tried to say something about it. But she doesn’t think she does a damn thing wrong.

    She even POSTS about people like her! Saying its wrong and that she can’t have people like that in her life. Yet she goes and does the same damn thing she just got done preaching about.

    I have said something, and its seemed to resonate, but the next day its like I never said it, and she’s back doing it again.

    So what do you do? And yes the fact that it bothers me means I may be jealous of some aspects. Like she seems to have a perfect life. One I would love to have. And she has SO many friends. Who clearly don’t know the real her, nobody seems to notice it, besides our family.

    Who are too afraid to say anything, by the way!

    But what do you do when you literally can’t get away from something?


    BOY: What do you care if your brother ditches school?

    JEANIE: Why should he get to ditch school when everybody else has to go?

    BOY: You could ditch.

    JEANIE: I’d get caught.

    BOY: So, you’re pissed at him because he ditches and doesn’t get caught?

    JEANIE: Basically.

    BOY: Then your problem is you.

    JEANIE: Excuse me?

    BOY: Excuse you. You oughta spend a little more time dealing with yourself and a little less time worrying about what your brother does. It’s just an opinion.

    – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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