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    I have been in my position at my current job for two years. This has always been a first job that I thought I would leave over time. I get very unmotivated because it is sales and also work from home. I have found myself being very lazy and it’s getting worse and worse. When I actually do my job and work continuously for a few hours or in a group setting with other employees (once a month) I kind of like what I am doing and feel like I know what I’m doing. I don’t have a great idea of a different job that I would want and this one has great benefits! I even got a small promotion a few months ago but still find myself being lazy and half ass-ing everything. Before I start looking for a new job, which seems dumb because this one pays so well for the amount of work I put in, I want to try and give it 100%. I think I’m just a lazy person already and then not having my boss always watching me gives me plenty more reasons to stay in my pajama’s all day. Being lazy at a job starts to really eat at your soul too. I’m finding myself feeling guilty and anxious that I’ll get in trouble.

    So any tips on how to really get into working or gaining self-motivation? If I look for a new job, I will try and find something in an office because I don’t trust myself in a work from home job. I am young so there is time. It’s just hard to find a new job.

    Thank you



    Dear apples333:

    You wrote: “not having my boss always watching me gives me plenty more reasons to stay in my pajama’s all day”- but someone is watching you: you are watching you and giving yourself an unsatisfactory evaluation/ performance report, again and again.

    When we are children we need others' approval, others satisfactory evaluation reports, so to speak. Adults often don't outgrow this need, but some do. When you find your own boss being you, and you see to it that this boss is reasonable, compassionate and has specific standards that you agree with, that you determine and approve of, then you have a motivation, to satisfy this boss.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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