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    I’m currently seeking new roles due to a toxic nature in my current work place. I am very proactive and apply for roles relevant to my skill set.

    I’ve recently gone through a long recruitment process with another company and genuinely thought I did well enough to get through. However, in my final interview the hiring manager eluded to the fact that I was unsuccessful by saying “to keep in touch despite what happens” and it’s a hard choice between a very high caliber of candidates. I believe that i have the right skillet and certainly have gotten roles previously with ease. The further up i get up the ladder, the harder its becoming to get another role.

    I was very professional and soldiered on, but left the interview feeling immensely disheartened. They will be calling me today to give me the final update but given the feedback received, i don’t think it will lead to a job offer.

    My issue is that I normally progress far along the process to the final stages but it comes down to the final few and I get a No.

    How do you keep pushing yourself and staying positive when getting rejected left right and center.



    Dear Shordeel:

    “How do you keep pushing yourself and staying positive when getting rejected left right and cener”-

    – remember the great challenges you already overcome, such that you described in your previous thread. Remember your strength, how you endured what you endured, and you will clearly see that you can endure these rejections as well, and persist, and eventually, you will succeed!



    Hello Shordeel,

    The best advice I can give you is don’t give up.  There is a job in the right place for you.  You have to keep looking and searching.  Learn from the interviews.  Keep polishing your interview skills.  Pay attention to the questions and remember them for the next interview.  Keep improving yourself in your profession.  I know rejection is discouraging, but it is what helps up be better.  I am a manager in a quality assurance company.  I had more failures than successes on my journey.  I learned more from the failures and they helped me grow.  To finish up, keep your eye on the prize and don’t lose focus on your goal.  It’s tough, but it is the tough that makes it worth it.


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