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    Goodmorning Reader,


    During these times of uncertainty, everything feels chaotic. I have two options – to either sit and watch the world go crazy or to either express myself and try to make sense of everything. Both options seem like the perfect solution. I have been working on my chakras and getting more in tune with who I am and my purpose emotionally. Its the beginning of the month which is beautiful, the month of April has always been a beautiful month. Going back to my uncertainty, I feel like I have nothing to do. which is making me feel anxious about what the future truly holds. I have no friend, no spouse, no lover, but I am truly grateful for everything I have, which keeps me wondering whether or not I am being greedy desiring more. I guess all I need is a friend, not sure how I’ve lived to be 19 years old and can’t keep an honest friend by my side. Maybe I need to be a friend, maybe I am a friend but others don’t know how to accept my friendship. Maybe I am a confusing lover but I am still worthy to be loved and of love.


    I have faith that things will turn out okay. Perhaps my thoughts are simply my thoughts and are not the truly what is happening as of right now. Faith and dedication are two of the most needed components to this thing called life. I pray everyone is eating, washing their hearts and filling them with peace and content. I needed to honestly ramble, this helped me. Thank you again.


    Dear brittany:

    I am glad you posted here. You are living alone at 19, and your lease ends next month if I understand correctly.

    Can you tell me more about your life circumstances: where is your family, how are your relationships with your parents/ siblings, and is living with family an option for you, after your lease ends?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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