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    I am done resenting my brother’s drug addiction and my father’s inability to deal with the “tough stuff”, his feelings and his guilt about his choices.
    I am learning to accept people and situations as they are. What we resist, DOES persist.
    I am responsible for how I act/react to others, not their actions/reactions to me.
    I am full of mettle, because I have allowed myself to be vulnerable and given people chances to see my heart, and even if they didn’t appreciate that gift, I won’t stop trying to find people who will.
    I am worthy of love, and respect.
    I am a smiler, and enjoy laughing.
    I am working on forgiving myself, my past circumstances that were thrust upon me, and those I helped create.
    I am done asking for people’s approval: like me, love me, disregard me – my life and self-worth is not defined by how many friends I have or what anyone thinks of me. That position has been filled by ME, thanks for your interest and input though.
    I am a lover of people and know that each is/has had their own battles, and who am I to judge them.
    I am learning to accept that love does not equal accepting bad or abusive behavior; you can love the person, not what they do.
    I am a person who has made many mistakes, but I am not a mistake.
    I am searching for deep connections and conversations.
    I am an animal lover.
    I am a believer that trust and respect are earned – a nugget at a time.
    I am also a believer in actions, not words.
    I am a seeker, a questioner, curious about life and people.
    I am an eternal optimist.
    I am a firm believer that no one should be denied their rights or dignity, because of their race, gender, age, nationality, political leanings, religion or lack there of, or sexual preference.
    I am a lover of books and writing/creating them.
    I am fun and funny.
    I am finally my own best friend.
    I am blessed to be a mom, a wife and a friend to some of the most beautiful, genuine souls I have ever known.
    I am challenged in ways by life and people that I hope one day I truly can say, “Oh, I get that one now,” without the facepalm.
    I am complicated, but worth the effort to get to know.
    I am a believer that sometimes the most loving thing we can do is let someone go.
    I am grateful for every blessing I have received, even the ones that left me on the floor broken and shattered.
    I am ok, and on the verge of truly AMAZING!

    I know I am not alone in this journey, there is something bigger than all of us out there: helping, guiding us to the right people, situations and lessons we need to go through.
    I know I have feelings, but they are not me, and that they are really there to help me – except for shame and worry – boo, bye-bye now.
    I know that love, real, unconditional love, could save the world and human beings.
    I know I am no more important than anyone else on this planet, but that I am still important and so is the part that I play.

    Those who really know me and my journey, have asked, would I change anything? I can honestly say, no. If I changed one thing, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I like me, I see me and all my glorious imperfections and my undeniable strength and tenacity to not give up. I love me. ME! And I truly wish, that you all know, you are just as amazing and worthy of love, too!

    I am who I am, now who are you?


    thank you for that lovely post. I am still in the process though i am finally learning to become happier with who i am, despite my mistakes and imperfections. There is a lot of good i have to offer 🙂


    Thanks Moongal

    Hi Jenn-ay

    Thanks for accepting yourself for who you are 🙂 Just beautiful.

    You will be amazed at how easy it will be now to accept everyone as they are. With acceptance comes love and forgiveness for self and others.

    You have started your divine journey. Good luck. May you find whatever your heart is seeking and may you bring more light to yourself and others.




    Im happy for you. I hope someday I can make a list such as this.


    There is a lot of good you have to offer, Moongal. Keep focusing on that, it will grow. Stinking thinking is a bad habit, in my opinion. I have/had plenty of bs thoughts/doubts still, but I keep telling myself that I am ok as I am. And now, I am really starting to see and feel it. It took me a while for it to take root, but I guarantee, if you keep saying it, you will start believing/seeing/feeling it too. Keep doing what you are doing, Moongal, you will get there. 😀

    Thank you @Jasmine-3 for your kind words and well wishes. I agree this is a divine journey, I think I always have, and now, it’s really kind of amazing, I have been working hard on changing, loving, accepting myself and others, forgiving, setting clear but flexible boundaries, reading, journaling, letting my truth and true self rise – that I know, even though I am (and will) still facing challenges, I am on the cusp of something so … beyond words. Oh, I am so almost there, I have been strengthening my wings, I just need to take that next big leap of faith.

    Giacomo, thank you for your response. You can so start making this list right now. It may be small at first, mine was, but you keep adding as you go. My list is not complete, there is more I could add now, and will add as I keep moving forward. We all are works in progress, but hey, all masterpieces are. When you are ready to declare and share your Who I am list, I will be excited and honored to be witness to who you are.

    Love to all of you!


    Awesome post!!

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