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    I have gained about 12kgs over the last year, i used to weigh 49kgs and now im 60kgs. I dont know how this weight crept up on me but it did, i got back to gym in April this year and i go to gym 4/5 times a week when i can. By the time i come home from work im tired and hungry and i then rush to go eat something like a banana then i head off to gym quickly for about 50 mins and i usually do the stair stepper or treadmill. I sweat alot during my workouts and i eat 1250 calories a day ,i use the myfitnesspal app and yet i dont seem to be losing weight. I actually want to lose 5 kgs this month and another 5kgs in november as i have an event i want to attend in december but i want to look and feel my best not hide under baggy clothing because my jeans dont fit me. Many times i have broke down crying because i cant find anything that fits me,i used to be a size 8. I look bigger and my upper thighs and hip area is where i gain the most. I just want a quick solution to help me lose this weight. Also does anyone recommend maybe me doing a juice fast to help drop the kilos fast?


    Have you thought about investing in a personal trainer? sometimes they can nail down those tricky details in your diet or work out regime that go unnoticed.

    Big blue

    Hi Audrey,

    You are doing well based on your dedication and motivation.

    I agree with Chelsea – if you can – work with a trainer at least for two months to learn new things and change habits.

    – eat something every 2-3 hours, don’t go too long.
    – mix up your diet periodically to disrupt it. Have spaghetti once a week. Your body adapts so it does not change.
    – you may need to eat more. Your body has a survival mode. Be sure to eat enough protein, good fats, good carbs.
    – drink lots of water. I also sweat a lot.
    – do strength training. Muscle burns more calories throughout the day. Plus, you will feel and look awesom-er. Your clothes will fit better even if the scale does not move as you’d like.
    – get a good sleep. You need it and deserve it.
    – lower your bad stress, and increase your good stress, with play.

    What do you think?

    Big blue

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    Deborah Thompson

    1. Maintain a diary for at least a week and jot down every single bit of food and drink you consume through the day and night (except water). This will help you realize those little bits of food which go in unnoticed and add to your overall weight.
    2. Stay away from soft drinks of ALL sorts.
    3. Stay away from rice and pasta of all sorts. Brown bread instead of white bread is a good option.
    4. If you experience hunger pangs during the day, have either an apple or a handful of nuts (almonds work best) washed down with two glasses of water. This will instantly fill you up.
    5. Have an early meal in the evening, preferably 3-4 hours before you turn in for the night. This way you will not pile on those excessive calories.

    Sarah Jane

    Hi Audrey,
    have you had your blood tested for Underactive Thyroid? This condition can make you gain weight rapidly despite exercise and healthy diet. I find that I cannot lose weight even on 900 calories a day and regular exercise, unless I exercise for aprox two to three hours a day, and even then would only be able to lose aprox one pound or half a pound a week. Before diagnosis I gained five a half stone in eighteen months. (There are fourteen pounds in a stone)!!!

    I hope that there is not a medical problem causing your weight gain, but sometimes it is best to check if this is really abnormal for you.


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