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    Well when the relationship was starting I was coughing up blood and loads of it and instead of going to the hospital I googled it and it suggested I had cancer I did send pics of how much blood I was coughing up and throwing up and I said I had cancer ? disgusted with that but I vaguely remember saying I was gonna get or I was getting chemo where as the truth couldn’t be much further from the truth as I didn’t even bother going to hospital as hate the damn places hence self diagnosis.  Thats the worst one …. N yeah I definitely have said some things to her in rage or when drunk as stated in previous messages but ATM things are still sour. Thanks for your honesty


    Just about me doing things I haven’t done or was supposedly doing and wasn’t  doing them and another that I shan’t post as we spoke about it the other day. ? I have written her a letter with I think everything on it so will see what happens I guess


    Dear Elijah1:

    You reached out  to one member on page  1, talah. Are you still communicating to her personally on this page?

    If you are communicating to other members, including myself, let me know and  state what  kind of help do you need currently in the context of your thread.



    Hi Talah, the lies were me doing something when I wasn’t or not doing something when I was supposed to and another like that I will not write here as me and her spoke about it and it wasn’t a tiny lie……  I have messed with her head … Sending messages from her ex ! To see if she would stay faithful ( not that I needed to do that as she isn’t that type)  and just stupid stuff I shouldn’t have done. But now I think I am going to stop fighting for her !


    Hmmm.. I understand why she may be angry with you doing that behind her back, pretending to be her ex. But within time, she will forgive you because right now her emotions have taken over (anger) so she cannot make decisions to forgive you based on her anger. Let’s see her response with the letter and let me know if you’d like further help. There’s only so much you could do, begging won’t help, you can only show someone how you truly feel and leave it as that but do not over do it.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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