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    During this past year, I have become a really healthy eater. Now that I am in college it has been harder to make healthier choices.  But I have always had a lot of trouble managing my diet even before entering college. I would eat extremely healthy during the week (while I was still in high school) and go out to eat on the weekends. The only problem was that I was eating a very small amount of calories each day as I was afraid I would ruin my diet by eating extra (I was only eating around 1000 calories each day… sometimes as low as 700/800 calories). This was very easy for me as I could finish all of my homework in school. When I went home, I could just sleep and before I knew it… it was time for dinner. So it was really easy to under-eat during that time. In the summer my diet became pretty good. I was eating oatmeal with coconut milk and chia seeds in the morning. My snacks included bananas, rxbars, clementines, and lara bars. My lunch was avocado toast and my dinner was always made by my mom (usually chicken/salmon and vegetables). I was also exercising with my boyfriend which was great because he is a college wrestler and he really helped me to tone my body.

    But now that I am in college I don’t know what to do. I try to make oatmeal (with just water and chia seeds) which works fine but I can’t finish it because my dorm room has this weird smell. So I lose my appetite quickly. Then I get hungry later (because I didn’t eat much of my breakfast) and end up eating junk food. We have a food store in our dorm building that is full of unhealthy things so I have access to basically any junk food I want. Since I overeat junk food I am not hungry for lunch. My dinner is pretty healthy because our cafeteria has a buffet, and I am an expert at choosing healthy options in buffets. I usually eat vegetables with rice and chicken.

    Please help with my diet… and any tips on exercising in college would help too!



    Hi Katie,

    Seems like the breakfast is setting you up for challenges the rest of the day.  Is it possible to make the oatmeal, put it into a container (Tupperware), and take it with you to eat in the café?  Or is just going to the café for breakfast an option?

    It’s clear to me you’re knowledgeable about food and generally what is healthy.  I wouldn’t drop under 1000 calories, but that’s besides the point.  Regarding exercise, most college campuses have amazing state of the art fitness facilities.  Is that a potential option?  What type of exercise do you enjoy doing?  That might help me a bit to make suggestions.

    I’ve been there… college eating is challenging.  It takes great discipline.   Overall, you’re doing quite well!


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