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    Hi guys.
    I’m 21 and I’ve always wanted a guy which was my classmate since I was 7years old.
    We were classmates approximately 10 years.
    Then he went in another school.
    I’m now student in university and he is in another city of the country
    I always wanted him. With this I mean that I wanted him also when I had my first relationship (which ended 1,5year now)
    I never forgot him. Sometimes I see him in the city where I live (we live in the same place).
    Although I had relationship sometimes I was thinking about him and I told that to my ex.I wanted to be fair with my feelings.
    So..some days ago I saw him.not my ex..but my classmate.
    We were starring in the eyes as we always do.
    I think that he wanted me but never told me.maybe he has feelings yet.as I have.
    The problem is that I never had the courage to approach him and I always been shy with him.
    Although I have grown and I have the experience of one relationship and I generally feel more comfortable with guys
    I can’t be calm when I see him.
    I hadnt saw him for a long time, until now..2-3 days ago that I felt strong emotions like then. Not so strong than years ago but it was strong.
    I understood that I have feelings yet and I must give my whole life dream a choice to come true.
    But I’m afraid and we don’t have mutual friends we don’t listen to the same music so it will be awkward if I go to a club for example with my friend.
    This subject came to the surface as 2012 when I had written for this to a forum in which I met my ex. He approached me because I wanted advice to fulfill my needs. To approach the classmate.
    It’s a circle and I don’t know if it’s good or bad..this emotional explosion.
    Any advice will be helpful
    Should I approach him or not?


    Sounds like your having a war within yourself! 😛

    You obviously have strong feelings, which is good, because you know whats right for yourself, and whats not. If you miss him, and he misses you aswell, you should meet up and just enjoy the moment.

    Approaching is about two parts, thinking about it and actually going it. First of all, you need to tell yourself that you’re going to approach him no matter what, and then go for it. Its the right thing to do, and you know it, so do it! Focus on why, why are you approaching him? Dont focus on how, how to approach him. It will happen itself.

    You dont need to think or set a goal farther than that, trust yourself!


    I’m extremely shy when it comes to Jim. When I see other men, no I don’t have a problem.I can talk laugh and chat. But I must make the beginning.


    You should approach him, and dont worry about the outcome. Whats the worst that can happen with your approach, and what are the chances for it to be reallity? My point is, you have nothing to worry about, even though you get this emotional explosion. Its a good sign!


    the worst thing that can happen is 1) rejection 2)i may feel rediculous 3) awkward
    maybe he wants me maybe not.
    but will it be awkward if i appear so long time then?
    maybe he will say …you remembered me now? or something else


    The worst thing that can happen to you, is that you stumble and fall and break your back when you’re making the approach! Make sure that wont happen, and everything will be fine. Rejection is a possible outcome, but not nessecary in a negative way. Lets say it happens; Jim “rejects” you. You will obviously get hurt, but you will learn from it and move on. Isnt that better a feeling than not trying? 🙂

    Trust me, guys have feelings to. And maybe he feels the same way about you!

    Good luck


    Hello thank you again.
    Yes rejection is not that bad.it’s part of life.
    but I don’t know where I can find find him
    And the two places I know are his home and the store in which his father works..which doesn’t have to do with emporium.. its something related with dentists.I don’t know the word.its something technical like fixing fake teeth.hahajahaha
    Maybe I described it a little.
    so..there’s no way in visiting his home “hello I’m popi Jim’s classmate and I want him ” hahahHa
    So..maybe I must let the past go..because I had the opportunity when we were in school and never grab it because I hadn’t the courage..same as now.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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