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    You have to take the decision first.
    nothing starts without the decision.
    decision means I want to do it and nothing pressures me no one told me to do that and I want to live healthily for the rest of my life.
    I was always exhausted doing yoyo diets and exercise when I remember it.maybe once a month haha
    The point is that you have to say to yourself *okay I’m tired of all this shit diets and miserable life, I’m going to truly make it.. I’m going to try seriously and consciously and I will get this problem whole life problem, out of my mind ,when I will make it.
    Do things correctly. Follow a healthy eating programme and exercise daily for thirty minutes.
    Good luck.
    PS. Don’t put time limits this will be for the rest of your life.
    You will get used to it in a couple of years and then it will not be a goal.it will be life style


    You have to build up your confidence. That’s it.
    there are many girls and guys out there many kinds of people
    All different. Don’t see them are yourself.
    Believe in yourself and your life and your goals.
    love your activities try to find the strength to see life more adventurous.
    when you will feel more happy and lucky and strong
    Then you will start to attract the same kind of person.
    Nobody wants to have wrong choices so stop complaining and live free.
    When you get out in a bar for instance, feeling good lucky happy, only by your feelings people will like you.
    Its all about socialization buddy.
    Its not about motivation or stuff
    Try to fix yourself your wrongs and disadvantages and then the right person will approach you.


    Hi Charlie
    I think that means 2 possibilities
    1) time has passed since you and your love have met.. and so a little bit of fading there is in your feelings.
    2) it’s not the right person and this came up now. τυχαία.


    Hello thank you again.
    Yes rejection is not that bad.it’s part of life.
    but I don’t know where I can find find him
    And the two places I know are his home and the store in which his father works..which doesn’t have to do with emporium.. its something related with dentists.I don’t know the word.its something technical like fixing fake teeth.hahajahaha
    Maybe I described it a little.
    so..there’s no way in visiting his home “hello I’m popi Jim’s classmate and I want him ” hahahHa
    So..maybe I must let the past go..because I had the opportunity when we were in school and never grab it because I hadn’t the courage..same as now.


    the worst thing that can happen is 1) rejection 2)i may feel rediculous 3) awkward
    maybe he wants me maybe not.
    but will it be awkward if i appear so long time then?
    maybe he will say …you remembered me now? or something else


    I’m extremely shy when it comes to Jim. When I see other men, no I don’t have a problem.I can talk laugh and chat. But I must make the beginning.


    Hello dude.
    I don’t watch anymore
    Thanks for advice.


    Hello friend.
    The fact that your father re married maybe ruined your childish mind (excuse my English)
    that fact took your self confidence and you felt unlovable. This is very usual and natural.
    but you grow.. and your self confidence doesn’t depends on your father’s choices.
    Give and take love with your family..and you will feel more secure.
    Maybe you have been closed to yourself as a child or a person.. but you must know that every time you help someone and give him love, you take back love also.
    Your self confidence is that something you must change because this is for your self and you deserve good thoughts and opinions about you.love will come anyways.
    You can build self confidence by doing good things for yourself
    for example exercising everyday for your health
    Wearing clothes that makes you feel confident and relaxed and comfortable.
    Saying things in your mind that treats you good.
    I’m a good person and I deserve good things
    I don’t want to be punished by anyone I want to be happy.
    I don’t want the relationship that makes me sad. if it makes me sad I would get out of this.


    ***get a “divorce” and move on
    searching for another man that can complete you .
    This behaviour was conscious.you know that you cant change someone so anyone can chnge you.
    If you cant forgive you hve to move on.
    You must follow your will and your point of view
    you must accept your needs and dont be afraid to leave him if that fact wounded you.


    Hi girl…..
    I cant tell you how much i feel you.
    You cant do anything about this.
    Guys are immature and waant sex with other women and we lose their trust .
    This is the game unfortunately.
    The first option is that you maybe accept this fact in general..for example men arent perfect..people arent perfect and world is sometimes unfair.
    We hve to accept this.
    We take lessons from these experiences like this..that happened to you.
    Maybe its a lesson you hve to learn from life.maybe something you didnt know until now.The second option is that is this you

    accept your fiance’s behaviour..get a rce”


    Hi guys.
    I am thinking about all these and i must say that the problem isnt that im watching his profile.
    Is that ifeel emotionally empty..that i havent met someone who can understand me…that he dont make me feel bad.
    Someone who has the same sense of humor with me.

    The other problem is that i am thinking about other people’s lifes and not mine.
    Maybe i feel more caring about others and not about me.
    I always see how other people live and i react the same.
    For example my ex has a divorce ..this can upset me..make sad or make me happy.

    When could i look my life and only that??
    im tired of all this shit.
    People effect me very much.
    Help me.


    hello vhannon and thanks,
    in these few days,i discovered tat my ex boyfriend found a new girl and posted it on facebook.
    the first day i saw it was posted 12 hours ago,so,this was on 9th december. i cried and was jealous but the otherday i was okay.
    i think that today also im okay and this fact,thtat my exfound another girl,released me from my thoughts that he could love me.
    so,im happy again,im okay,but the habit of searching his profile it still reains.
    maybe i must try my best not to look now? im not jealous seriously but i was always curious,which is worse i think.
    so,should i stop it immediately and feel sometimes pressure ( because it’s a one year habit) or should i keep watching??


    mrs popi,not mr pop.
    and this is your opinion,its okay.
    mine is this above.
    good morning.


    the fucking weird think is that my ex doesn’t seem to be hurt by this whole story.
    okay,i can’t be sure by seeing a facebook profile, but i think he already found a girl to be with.
    i think that the crazy man is okay,hecontinues his sexual life and that’s okay,haha.
    a crazy can make you crazy- popi.
    good morning guys!


    i think that you must chase the good in your life.
    this situation (want sth back) cause you stress and can’t give you stability.
    this can only upset you,can’t you see?
    and it can effect your health.
    try to realise that,and ask yourelf if every action you make cause you happiness or unhappiness.
    i think that when you will truly fell happy with yourself and your life 100% you will not wanting ANY ex or any difficult situation like this.
    because wanting something or someone back,means that you have regrets or unhappy feelings in your life.
    i know it’s sometimes difficult to let go, i must say that i lived this way in a time,and maybe sometimes these feelings make me unhappy,but it’s in your hand to get over all these and try to find sth good in your life.

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