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    Hi guys….im here again …
    im still struggling with the same ex problem…
    about facebook and profile “spy” :p

    I didn’t make it.Despite the fact i deleted my account then,
    i again visit it every day.
    I don’t do it constantly as before but it’s everyday.
    I can’t stand it anymore…..
    i dont know what else should i do????
    i always think about him unfortunately.


    i discovered that ex locked his facebook profile because he has posts from 2nd november and he hasn’t posted since then.
    I don’t know if i must feel happy or unhappy for this.

    first, i have to be happy because I’ll not seeing posts and updates for his life,so it will not effect my life.
    on the other hand,i used to to do this since last year,so, it’s unusual for me to stop it.
    i must be happy i know,guys!
    tell me sth …


    the fucking weird think is that my ex doesn’t seem to be hurt by this whole story.
    okay,i can’t be sure by seeing a facebook profile, but i think he already found a girl to be with.
    i think that the crazy man is okay,hecontinues his sexual life and that’s okay,haha.
    a crazy can make you crazy- popi.
    good morning guys!


    Hi Popi,

    Sometimes, I also took a look at the profile pictures of the girl I was in love with when I was in high school more than ten years ago. There are a lot of people who pray every day in front of the representation of their favorite god. So if you want to go on his profile and adore him, I don’t think that’s a bad hobby unless you become dependent and cannot do anything else but that.

    Really, it would be healthy to forget about your ex, and the best way to do that is to not look at his profile. Why don’t you take a interest to some other man’s profile? They may actually reply to some of your messages.


    hello vhannon and thanks,
    in these few days,i discovered tat my ex boyfriend found a new girl and posted it on facebook.
    the first day i saw it was posted 12 hours ago,so,this was on 9th december. i cried and was jealous but the otherday i was okay.
    i think that today also im okay and this fact,thtat my exfound another girl,released me from my thoughts that he could love me.
    so,im happy again,im okay,but the habit of searching his profile it still reains.
    maybe i must try my best not to look now? im not jealous seriously but i was always curious,which is worse i think.
    so,should i stop it immediately and feel sometimes pressure ( because it’s a one year habit) or should i keep watching??


    Hi guys.
    I am thinking about all these and i must say that the problem isnt that im watching his profile.
    Is that ifeel emotionally empty..that i havent met someone who can understand me…that he dont make me feel bad.
    Someone who has the same sense of humor with me.

    The other problem is that i am thinking about other people’s lifes and not mine.
    Maybe i feel more caring about others and not about me.
    I always see how other people live and i react the same.
    For example my ex has a divorce ..this can upset me..make sad or make me happy.

    When could i look my life and only that??
    im tired of all this shit.
    People effect me very much.
    Help me.


    Hi Popi,

    Please, don’t look at your ex, look for another man. Is there no way at all to meet someone?
    You said you cannot find anybody who appreciates your sense of humor. How many men did you actually date?
    You said other people affect you. When they talk about their experience, please try to talk about yours as well. If you see that others update their profiles, started updating yours as well. Put pictures and talk a little about yourself. For example, what do you dream to do one day?


    Hello dude.
    I don’t watch anymore
    Thanks for advice.

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