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    I am trying to get into a healthy routine, and every time I try, I keep at it for about a week and then I just lose track of everything… I stop eating fruit, and I stop swimming and stop exercising because its just too draining. How can I get the energy to do it?


    Sadly I am in the same position. I want to better myself, loose weight and stay on track but sometimes the smallest thing will deter me from completing my goals. I feel my weakest influence isn’t energy it’s the negativity of others. I use to be drained all the time mind you, from doing daily tasks and working two jobs, but then I began taking super foods such as spirulina and chlorella! It has immensely increased my energy and it’s all natural, wheatgrass is good as well. Do your research first but I guarantee you’ll have more natural energy ! Detoxing is also a good way as well as drinking more water, sometimes we are tired because we’re dehydrated~

    Ashley Arcel


    Have you considered enlisting an accountability partner? A friend or like-minded person who is working towards the same goals you are? Many programs that pursue great change utilize this kind of system because it is highly motivational to have a partner to compare notes with you, inspire you when you’re feeling down, teach you new things and celebrate your accomplishments with you. Is this a possibility in your social circle?



    You have to take the decision first.
    nothing starts without the decision.
    decision means I want to do it and nothing pressures me no one told me to do that and I want to live healthily for the rest of my life.
    I was always exhausted doing yoyo diets and exercise when I remember it.maybe once a month haha
    The point is that you have to say to yourself *okay I’m tired of all this shit diets and miserable life, I’m going to truly make it.. I’m going to try seriously and consciously and I will get this problem whole life problem, out of my mind ,when I will make it.
    Do things correctly. Follow a healthy eating programme and exercise daily for thirty minutes.
    Good luck.
    PS. Don’t put time limits this will be for the rest of your life.
    You will get used to it in a couple of years and then it will not be a goal.it will be life style

    Deborah Thompson

    As they say, it’s all in the mind. You have to just decide to stick to it, come what may. You may fail once, twice, thrice but each time you’ve got to pick yourself up and re-start. I can say it works because I was one of the people who managed to do it. And I firmly believe that if a person like me can do it, then practically anybody can. Here are some ways which might help:
    – Try getting yourself out of bed earlier than usual. Well begun is half done. This way, you’ll start your day on a positive note.
    – Breakfast is a must. This is the most important meal of the day and you need it to kickstart your mornings.
    – Upgrade your exercise routine. Update your songs playlist to include the peppiest numbers and get running (or even brisk walking, for a start). Slow but steady is the key.

    If you need to get into a healthy routine, try starting with these 3 points. Once these are in place, the rest will automatically follow. And I say this because I’ve been there, done that, literally. Don’t lose hope, you can and you will. All the best!


    I will go with Ashley’s advice to find a exercise partner or fitness buddy. A partner keeps you encouraged and helps you stay on your goals. If you try to do this on your own, the same thing will happen again and again.


    I have done three 10k marathons here while living in Dubai in no form shape would I say I am in top shape but I am lean and weight 116 and used to weigh 124! It’s very hard to stay in shape the struggle is real ! I always say to people take your time about fitness it’s hard work but a lot of it is mentally and if you can hack it four times a week, stay positive and challenge yourself everyday as you only live once and your health is important . I am not a fitness trainer nor do I know everything but I do know one thing is that I refuse to let go of myself in a way that I would not be happy within myself. I started out slowly running about 10 mins then went on to do weight training and cardio more etc. four times a week. I honestly can say is that, it has helped me to be better at running and as far for eating I write down what I need for my body not what I want ( junk food, chips, salty sugar cereals ) try steaming brown rice in a rice cooker along with cut up veggies like squash, carrots etc. and cook oven baked chicken great healthy quick meal ! I hope this has helped anyone reading this. I am still learning new gym stuff and foods . Stay positive and don’t give up I know it’s hard but don’t !


    Hi Magneto. I would first ask; are you getting enough sleep? Exercise is one of my priorities and I do it first thing in the morning when I’m fresh. But I make the choice to turn the the TV or computer off at the same time each night so as to get my 8 hours sleep. Also, sometimes when we jump into something, we try to do too much too soon. Endurance takes a while to build so your swimming should start off at an easy enough pace so that you are not exhausted when finished. If you are new to exercise then a gradual increase is the best way. I hope this helps and good luck!

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