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    Hi everyone

    This is all so new to me and however new and exciting it is , scary and daunting also comes to mind.

    I am 28 going on 29 now and very eager to start up my own business, it has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I don’t know where to begin or what to even do. There are so many websites and forums on opening up your business etc.. but i just find them so long winded and after reading a little bit i get quite bored and i go onto the next website and the same thing happens to me. I think i am also partly to blame as i can be a little impatient and want things to start ASAP but i know its not the way to go, i have to be patient and think things through thoroughly.

    I just have absolutely no idea where to begin, i have a bit of money set aside for starting up something but its all i have and i need to invest in it wisely! I also want to study a degree, but i dont’ want to start doing that and then in the next few years spend more money and amount to nothing.

    If someone could give me some inspiration as where to start, a list maybe i need to write, a good place for research, people to ask? ANYTHING i am so desperate to start something up soon. What do i need to take in account? Jobs i have been in before? I have worked for the animal industry for about 9 years and i am now currently a manager at a very highly established kennels in the UK. Shall i stick to an industry i know? Or go about and do something completely different.

    As you can see i am very confused, but willing to do anything to get where i want to be.

    If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.


    Dear  Alexandra:

    Can you share about what motivates you to start your own business, what about it excites you so?



    Hello Anita

    Thank you for replying 🙂


    Well i think we all share the emotion of not really liking working for someone else. I have been working since I was 16 years old and i am a very hard worker, whatever i put my mind to i work on it until i think its perfect.

    I am recently working in a job where i was promoted to manager just under a year of me being there, and this is to say i have had no previous experience being a manager nor do i have any qualifications, yet my hard work paid off and the bosses saw this and promoted me. It gave me such a great sense of achievement and for once i actually felt proud of myself 🙂

    What motivates me is that id love to feel independent, to be bringing my own money in, to be dealing with problems and situations myself, to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone a little bit. I would love to have an established business before i start a family, so then when the time comes i can sit at home and run a lovely business that i take pride in so i can be able to support my family etc.. it excites me because i can just imagine once its done, how proud of my achievement i will be. I think the sense of fulfilment? I am not sure, but the thought of doing this brings me great joy and excitement but of course i am a little scared too. I am just hoping i do the right things and not rush like i normally do and do this properly.

    I have currently just enrolled myself on a course on Small business and management, so hopefully this will help me with the basics and on the road to actually opening up a business.

    Here is to hoping and wishing x 🙂


    Dear Alexandra:

    I am summarizing your sharing here: you are 28, eager to start up your own business. It is a dream of yours, something you are “so desperate to start” but you don’t know “where to begin or what to even do… hav(ing) absolutely no idea where to begin”

    You acknowledge that you tend to be impatient and want things ASAP before thinking things thoroughly, that you tend to rush and you don’t want to rush this. You want to think it thoroughly.

    You want to work for yourself, you are a hard worker, a good worker, and was promoted to a manager position in your current job. That promotion gave you “such a great sense of achievement and for once (you) actually felt proud of (yourself)”

    You want to “feel independent”, to deal with problems and situations yourself, to “sit at home (when married) and “run a lovely business that (you) can take pride in”. You wrote that the thought of it brings you “great joy and excitement”.

    You are currently enrolled in a course on small business and management.

    My input: at this point you are in love with the idea of starting, owning and running your own business. The idea of it excites you. No specifics to the idea. No details to the idea, none whatsoever.

    There may be specifics and details later, but for now all there is – is an idea and the feelings you have about the idea. Let’s look at the idea and your feelings about it and learn all we can from these. You are excited, very excited.

    Is the excitement about having power in your life, making your own choices and making those choices happen? Is it about proving to yourself and to others that you are capable, powerful in your own life?

    How was your life so far, regarding making your own choices and making a difference, in making things happen in your life?




    Hello there Anita


    Thank you for replying. Well yes i think everyone starts with being in love with an idea, the ideology of something is what makes you want to act on the idea and make it happen. I know what i want but i need help in how to get what i want.

    Of course there is excitement in running your own business and wanting to feel like you have power over your own life. I have made a massive difference in certain choices i have made, but i don’t think making good or bad choices in certain aspects of your life determine your success in a career? I am not in debt, i have a good head on my shoulders and i’m willing to make it work. Why should some decisions in my life stop me from pursuing a dream? I am always prepared for failure and know i can and probably make mistakes along the way and i have to take things one step of a time.

    All i need is a push in the right direction. How to find what sparks my inner fire? How do you do this? How do you know what is right for you? I love reading and writing, i love animals, i love the outdoors and nature. How do i take these things and turn them into a business?

    This is the help i needed.





    Dear Alexandra:

    I have no help to offer you regarding what type of business to start, and how to turn your love for reading, writing, animals, outdoors and nature into a business. My effort, in my last post to you, was to find out more about the business owner (that is you). What motivates the future business owner?

    Who is the business owner is not separate from the business itself.

    Perhaps another member can offer a different kind of help. Perhaps a small business organization, the course you are about to take can help.



    Dear Alexandra

    Sorry i think i may be the one that is confused here. As i said in my previous post, what motivates me is being able to take control of my own life, be independent and wake up each morning loving what i do. Money plays a big factor, flexibility by working hours i want and setting my own goals and responsibilities even though i know this wont happen at the early stages and maybe leave the business for my children when it comes to the time where i cannot run it anymore. This is what motivates me to want to start something of my own.



    Sorry i meant Dear Anita xxx


    Dear Alexandra:

    If you would like to pursue my line of thinking, that is, to get to know the hopeful business owner before starting a business (considering there are no details to the business), if you think this may be helpful to you, then will you elaborate on the following:

    1. You wrote: “I have made a massive difference in certain choices i have made”.

    2. You wrote: “Why should some decisions in my life stop me from pursuing a dream?”- what are those”some decisions in (your) life” that are you referring to?



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    Hi Alexandra,

    ” I have worked for the animal industry for about 9 years and i am now currently a manager at a very highly established kennels in the UK”

    “I love reading and writing, i love animals, i love the outdoors and nature. How do i take these things and turn them into a business?”

    To turn your interests into a business, the concept of Affiliate Marketing may be for you. Below is a website that helps people to achieve this.

    The link has got all the details that you will require to know what it is.





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    Bob Olmstead

    Hello Alexandra

    Helping people build businesses is what I have done for a living for about twenty years now. I say that only so you know my expertise. I read through all of your responses, so here is my ten cents. Hope it helps.

    There is the idea of owning a business and then there is the reality. Like anything where that is the case (being an actor, a monk, a Navy SEAL, so on and so forth), the reality does not always match the idea. And it’s super important to plug into that truth, here is why.

    While business is complex, the things that fuel success are rather straightforward:

    1. You need to find something that you are VERY passionate about. It doesn’t have to be a calling, per se, but strong passion has to be in there somewhere. Business has many highs and lows, lots of pain and lots of joy. The only way people stick with that rodeo is the core passion that fuels them. More this later.
    2. You need to be rather good at your one thing: executive recruiting, blogging for moola, retail jewelry, restaurant, ad agency, pet tricks specialist, on and on the list goes. Ya gotta be good at it.
    3. You need to be good enough at business to not go under. If you really want to thrive, you also gotta be good at business on some level. And being good at business is different than being good at your one thing.
    4. Your capital needs to be sustained, not a Hail Mary pass. This is super important. Not enough start-up capital is one of the top reasons early start-ups crash. Lots of dreams, enough cash to launch, then crash. But why does that happen? Because you don’t know what you don’t know. A huge part of the initial learning curve is making mistakes.

    Ok, back to that passion thing. There is a big difference between being a passionate person, or being passionate about an idea, and having a passion you want to monetize. A passion for independence alone, will not be enough. Now, that passion for independence alongside a business that you get real passionate about, that’s a winning combo. But it takes both.

    For example, you could become financially independent selling real estate. You kinda sorta own your own gig. If you’re a broker you definitely do. But the frameworks for success tend to already be established, so you can just plug into one of those frameworks and find independence.

    My executive recruiter client, doing several million, second generation, is very passionate about placing top-tier managers in the industry they serve. They are also very passionate about having integrity and having an amazing culture. My health food store client is very passionate about wellness. I have a young client your age that is very passionate about digital marketing.

    So finding your one thing is very important. And clarifying whether you simply want to lock down a profession that allows for a lot of independence, or rather, you would like to build a business around your one thing.

    So where to begin? If I were coaching you, based on what I have read, I would recommend a three-pronged approach. #1- Continue your career to keep your revenue solid. #2- Explore as much as you possibly can, without spending money, what your one thing might be and look like. #3- Take a few crash courses like you are, to get a better feel for the world of business.

    Until you are extremely confident about “one thing”, I would not spend any of the money you have set aside. I also think it would be wise to explore professions that allow for independence, versus starting and building a business.

    Make sense?

    Hope that helped-


    Krishna Charan

    Hi All,

    If you are decided to start a business then, First of all, you must determine what business to start and how. Analyze the entire business market to check the scope and the competition. Here I would share some points you must follow before starting your business.

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    Create a Unique business plan

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    Build your own mobile app for your business, it will be easy to manage all your business flow.







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