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    So, I’ve had this thought gnawing at me for some time now… I’ve either tried to make light of the fact that I am working a professional position that drains me and is against everything I really am (position is admin in nature, and I am a creative domineering innovator…), or I’ve desperately tried to find some other position in which I can put my own qualities to use. But I’ve had little luck with this.
    If I could ANYTHING, I would write and publish, and paint/create art full-time to uplift people’s spirits and morale, or to simply encapsulate/capture some subdues or shadowed aspect of humanity, thereby making it known…

    Many of these articles say we should take a leap of faith and do what our soul calls us to… But what if my soul calls me to walk straight up to my boss and tell him/her “I quit” and start painting and writing without any guarantee of my financial success or sustenance?

    Is it foolish? or brave?


    Hi Steph,
    I understand your dilemma.. But sometimes you have to take risks in life. I would say quitting a job is not bad as long as you have clear vision of what are your next steps and you take a calculated risk.. I mean you can find something part time while you work on your writing skills or find something in that field…

    Follow your heart and passion.. I understand this because I believe in this. You are lucky atleast you know what your passion is.. I am still trying to find mine.

    Hope it helps!


    Thanks Parul

    Hi Steph

    Hmmmmmm. You have a huge conflict going on in your mind. It is not even a question of passion here. Your problem seems to be a fear of something. Only you can answer this for me.

    I will use a very drastic example here and see if it makes any sense to you – when someone is so depressed that they can’t bear no more, they often find a way to commit suicide despite knowing all the potential consequences if they survive. When someone is unsure, they make many attempts until one attempt may give them the release they need. Then there are others, who keep talking about it and making plans but nothing eventuates except for self pity and lots of sympathies from others. Pls do not try above.

    When the emotion is too strong to bear, our lower or higher self takes us over. We don’t want to work from our lower self as that feeds on sadness, negativity, fear, guilt, anger, resentment etc. However, if we work from our high self, we have infinite faith in our powers and we know that we are awesome as is and will find a way to make this life awesome in some form or other. Possibilities are limitless when we act from our high self. There is no fear but only immense faith that everything will work out for our highest good just like how a mother suddenly starts producing milk for the newborn. A newborn doesn’t come into this world with a fear that hey, will I survive without feeds ? It knows instinctively that his or her needs will be taken care of as there is someone much more powerful than him or her looking after its needs.

    Similarly, someone is looking out for you too. Let that power guide you in your actions. Sitting quietly with eyes closed in a dark room and focussing on your breathe in and out, you will reach a state of calm in a few mins and then ask yourself the questions that need answers. Wah lah and problem solved 🙂

    You will be fine as my higher self tells me that. Loads of positive energy coming your way.



    Thank you both! And I agree with both of you. Your words are confirmation.

    Beyond the chatter… Beyond the crashing waves in my mind… the stillness in me knows that I will be taken care of. It’s true, the newborn doesn’t need confirmation, it doesn’t need to worry or want. It knows it will have what it needs. And similarly, I think when we find our calling and our purpose, moving in that direction is the most life-sustaining thing we can do. The universe bends and conspires for us to blaze our trail.

    I have to take the leap.

    Again, thank you!

    Matt Turner

    Hi Steph,

    I’ve just read your thoughts with curiosity. Did you take the leap?



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