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    Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    -Albert Einstein

    Arguably, your greatest faculty for developing your consciousness is your innate ability to reproduce and create images of sensory impact from nothing. To dream. To imagine.

    Your imagination is the point from which all things are created. Every great invention or innovation began with a single thought, a single image, a single seed planted in the fertile soil of your mind. These moments are your opportunities for discovering your authentic self, for expressing that which takes you to a new level of consciousness and being, a new level of performance and accelerated achievement; working creatively.

    Creativity is the pinion upon which all great work revolves; responding creatively to objections, thinking creatively regarding obstacles and acting creatively when desiring lasting and effective results. No amount of knowledge, education, talent or genetic predispostion can compete with the belief in yourself and your own creative potential. Your creative potential is, like anybody else, unlimited.

    Through working creatively, releasing yourself from the shackles of worry, doubt and fear and developing your imagination, you are fully poised for an epic and lasting transformation.

    Visit our blog for information on the The Steps to Developing your Imagination, Developing your Consciousness and Uncovering your Authentic Self.

    We have a burning desire to accelerate your performance and drive you into a higher level of happiness, prosperity and growth.

    Create some Fire and Pass the Torch,

    The Kanary Team

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