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    Hi everyone.

    I am 24 years old from Australia and I am seeking my ideal dream career.
    I am someone who is very much into wellness. I am Anglo Indian and every few years I go to India and visit my family. I am someone who loves to help other people. I am one who is very creative and wants to experience new things.
    I have ideas of one day maybe writing a book and starting a site, however I am uncertain on how and what about exactly.
    My intuitive self is becoming more awakened however I am still on the journey of self discovery with certain things.
    I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas..

    I use to want to do Fashion Design and I studied it for 3 years but the industry is very corrupt and it opened my eyes.
    There was also a lot of favoritism with the teachers and students. It was very hard to drop the course and I have been very confused for a long time on what to do. I’ve also had few traumatic things happen to me early 2015 and I just want this year to be beautiful and flourish. I want to embark on a wonderful journey of a new and bright future, to have a beautiful life.

    I’m fed up on confusion and anxiety and I want to push myself forward.

    I was praying last night and meditating and I really want to be able to help people but in a very authentic way, staying true to who i am. Am I suppose to have an AAH HA-moment?.. is it suppose to be earned?… do I need to trust myself and take risks?
    I am afraid of wasting time, of people judging, comparing me to others. I have had so many nights of crying an confusion.
    I know if I KNOW where to go… I can do it. I feel like a bird in a cage..and the cage is open.. but Im afraid of whats outside and where to go. 🙁 I was (and still am I should say) someone who is dedicated and A+ student in school. I was perfect in everything I did, i strived to do my best.

    I love wellness, spirituality, creativity, travel, new experiences.
    I want to be challenged. I love meditating and praying to God. I love reading, writing, drawing. I want to have big dreams and big goals.. Im getting interested in natural therapies but its more of an experience. I wouldnt want to do something like massage, beauty..etc. mmm

    Has anyone ever felt so confused before like this?

    They say you must be so passionate about something..that it will keep you up at night.
    That you have a smile on your face before bed… something which drives you!
    I want to feel excited, overjoyed, peaceful, calm, happy and energetic.

    Please help.

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    Hi Wendy,

    When you’re starting out, most of the time it’s wise to separate your passions/what you like to do and your job/career. This way what you love isn’t contaminated by tying it to making $$. I’m thinking you could be a spiritual/nutritional/lifestyle counselor on the weekend/at night. This way you can keep growing/exploring/creating without putting yourself into a box right off the bat. You’re trying to describe yourself, and labels come with limits. But what you’re into will forever be expanding! If you find “It” and it’s promising, then quit your regular job or do both part time. Then do whatever gives you joy and $$ full time.

    I know this isn’t the “Go For It!” (whatever It is) advice typically out there. But I’m picking up “Councilor”.



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    Edit: Don’t get me wrong. Do what you love and the $$ will follow and all that. But get something that will pay the bills first so you don’t have that stress. Meanwhile, follow your bliss, and if you make $$ from that, great!


    Hi Wendy – you seem to be on the edge of becoming – 24 and just starting out – an exciting time, despite some of the missteps (like the corrupt fashion design industry you encountered). But there’s nothing wrong with that – it’s all there to teach us the lessons we need to learn.

    And then, as Inky mentioned – there’s that little thing called money that the world revolves around. There’s two schools of thought here – the one where they say “Jump and the net will appear” and the other where you create your own net so you know it will be there when you need it 🙂

    Either way, I think it’s an exciting time to be where you are, and your interest in spirituality can be the anchor that helps you become who you are, find your soul’s purpose, and then creating the life you want to live.

    My work is about helping people discover their Dharma, the inner wisdom that prompts you to become who you are. I’d love to help you with your journey, or any questions you might have:

    Or check out my website and see if it’s something that speaks to you:

    Good Luck on your journey!!


    Thank you for your advice, I am on your site now and I will send you an email shortly 🙂
    I really am keen to learn about my inner self and how I can be of service to God.


    Thanks for the advice 🙂
    I’m quite complicated mmm.

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