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    Hello Everyone!

    Hope all is going wonderful. Here is my troubles, leave me your ideas! I work 40 hours a week. Complete Isolation at my job. Dont work with anyone or see anyone for the entire length of those hours! I think Im starting to get extreme cabin fever after a couple years working here. I read, watch movies, surf web, try to write, but nothing seems to stick and kill the extreme lonely feelings or boredom. It wont be long before I turn into jack from the shinning. I dont know what to study for schooling and dont really have the money. Any suggestions?

    ALso, finding another job is out. Its a really good job that pays well, just extremely lonely!


    I don’t really have a suggestion, all I can say that would be the perfect job for me: well-paid and no people around hahah. I think this is better than having to make small talk all the time or having to deal with gossip!



    Thats what I was thinking a couple years ago. Now its starting to affect me. I also looked forward to escaping the negative kickback from working with people but now Im starting to wish I had some people to talk to every now and then. As the classic says “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it”.


    I understand this feeling. I work from home as well, and although this makes me soooo happy in general (I’m an introvert and happy to be alone most of the time), I can definitely see it does have an impact in my psyche.
    Is this a job, or are there parts of it, that you can take outside, even if just for 1 / 2 hours a week? To a café, a park… It also may help to establish some kind of routine or habit at a specific time of the day: go out for a coffee in the morning; for a walk at lunch; after work… whatever suits you and is available around. That should at least help kickstart the getting out part.

    Another suggestion is that you try to find a coworking space around your area.

    I just recently got one and, even though I get tired if I go more than twice a week, I find that having that routine, and simply getting out and seeing other people helps a lot.

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    The Thinker,

    What you are experiencing is completely normal. I applaud you for thinking deeply and contemplatively… The following are some insights I would like to share from my heart.

    (1) As much as one has to learn to master oneself & be self-sufficient through meditation, contemplation, etc.. there is still usually a longing to connect with others. In my experience, this is just part of being human.

    (2) We are all a MIX of introversion and extroversion… When a wave of extroversion hits me, I don’t judge it as bad but simply realize that I am currently feeling extroverted and my body is yearning for human interaction and experiences. I allow myself to indulge in this feeling unless I have some work to do at home — then, I meditate and refocus my energies on completing the task at hand. Notice, I attempt to be the captain of the ship.

    (3) The world is generally a place of beauty and abundance. There is so much to experience on our short time here… On the flip side, you can’t see everything, do everything, taste everything, & drain every experience to it’s last dregs… people that try to see it all end up seeing nothing. For example, a tourist can rush through a museum with a Baedeker, walking quickly and attempting to see everything — but in the end, only leave frustrated and drained of energy. He has seen “everything” but truly experienced “nothing”. If he would have just took the time to truly look at a few paintings that he really liked, he would have left with a fresh perspective on life and perhaps learned something about himself.

    (4) Lastly, allow me to share a valuable insight regarding the delicate balance of maintaining one’s personal integrity while interacting with others… In my opinion, other people help us to find out the meaning of life and our purpose… we discover something about ourselves through interacting with other people. Other people can take us to a much higher plane of existence. For example, I never would tried mountain climbing were it not for a friend introducing me to it. I would never have tried Guinness beer were it not for my mother in law.. etc.

    (5) The flip side to this is that we must “know ourselves” to some extent so that we don’t get caught up in the sheep mentality and crowd pleasing… For example, I was at the symphony last weekend and a guest performer played Rach No 3 Piano Concerto very passionately and loud. When questioned, I stated firmly that I was blown away… This view was somewhat criticized by my friend whom is an accomplished musician… However, my view didn’t change due to this criticism.. I have a strong enough sense of self and was able to confidently stick to my opinion.. My friend and I laughed about our differences.. He mentioned something I didn’t pick up in the performance and vice versa. Both of us respected each other more because of the honest and straightforward debate.

    (6) Another way to think of this — would you do better at Yoga my yourself at home… or at a YMCA with the correct mirrors, a trained yogi, and surrounded by motivated peers? Think about this…. Maybe try both and let me know if this experience reinforces some of what I’m saying….

    Hope this helps..



    Thanks everyone for the feedback! Its something I try to tackle a few times a month so Its work in progress. I will figure out something that works.

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