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    In advanced yoga instruction, reference is made to three main subtle energy channels; the Ida & Pingala & Sushumna nadi. The Ida & Pingala nadi are usually described and pictured as two serpentine channels of energy that intertwine up and down the body around the chakras, on one side is the Ida; yellow – orange in colour and on the other side is the Pingala which is bluish purple. The Sushumna nadi apparently travels vertically up through each of the chakras.

    I am among the seemingly small number of people that can see their circulating I & P energy channels.  Whenever I meditate and even sometimes when I don’t, I experience them. I am very familiar with the principles and reality of the human subtle anatomy; having studied and engaged with it for over 30yrs.

    It was some 25 years ago that I first experienced the energy channel on my left side. It was like a ‘rippling sensation’ with what appeared to be an energy channel just on / in front of my chest. It had pulses of light travelling upwards through it. Initially when I first experienced it – it was colourless. It was curved, as though turning around my heart chakra and moving under my chin around my throat chakra. At that time I didn’t find any information that could explain it. Eventually my perception of it reduced and I forgot about it.

    In 2003 my then wife and I were conducting research for a book we were writing about crystal healing using thought forms; she was acutely clairvoyant and could instantly observe all the various subtle energies both within and around the body. She used to study healers in action and could see the thoughtforms and relative subtle energies in play while they worked. In her study of the chakras and energy channels of the human subtle bodies she drew many pictures to depict what was going on and where. One particular picture she drew was of a double helix energy pattern that would rise up the body in one channel and travel down the body in the other one in a constant cyclic motion. It appeared to move around and in between the chakras. However it was not connected with chakras and instead had the function of charging different types of human subtle energies within the centres it created in the ‘loops’ and these types of energies were the foundation for spiritual experiences that people have; I could go on about this but it isn’t relevant. In short; I recognised what I used to see in me; a ‘cross section’ of this helix energy channel pattern. At that time, not then aware of the  I&P nadi, we named this twin energy channel structure as the Psy Structure and used this name in reference to it in our book. I used to see part of my Pingala nadi.

    Move forward in time to maybe 5-7 years ago and while meditating, I began to experience the same rippling/pulsing energy channel over my chest again. However, now I was seeing it in colour. It was bluish purple and always flowed like a current travelling upwards to under my chin. It appeared to have a ‘pulse’ inside it that kept a fixed sequence/rhythm. There seemed to be light coloured or white ‘rings’ of light travelling along the inside of the channel in an upwards motion. I have experienced this same phenomenon ever since.

    In 2019 I attended the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute with a friend who is an experienced yoga teacher (she was attending an advanced teacher training course). I had the free opportunity to wander the beautiful botanical gardens of the Institute and meditate. While I did so; I experienced for the first time, perception of the downward energy channel too; yellowish orange in colour. Therefore I confirmed my rising Pingala was blue/purple and the descending Ida was yellow/orange. This was exactly as my wife had described some 16 years prior. I see various images online depicting the nadi; some showing the correct (in my own experience) colours but most don’t.  I know they have nothing to do with chakras.

    I don’t myself do ‘ordinary yoga’; this would also take too long to describe. I am fully aware of the traditional teaching of I&P & Sushumna, Prana energy (which I also readily see everywhere but that’s by the by) and the concept of Kundalini (itself being Sanskrit for coiled serpent) allegedly wrapped around Muladhara. Much of the latter I find contradictions with. My experience thus far has led me to conclude that there is definitely misunderstanding with Kundalini and the I&P nadi throughout students and teachers of the subtle knowledge in this respect. I don’t mean this to come across in a condescending manner – it’s just that I am finding contradictions with what I experience and see and what I read from others throughout the globe. I am quite convinced that most people who discuss the I&P – cannot themselves see it.

    In a perhaps controversial move, I suggest that everyone has Kundalini and they use it every moment of their lives, that it is not ‘dormant’ in or around their base chakra; it is in fact the energy in their I&P nadi. Further – that the I&P are not actually two channels (often referred to as the Sun and Moon or positive and negative, male and female) – no – instead they are one and the same energy channel which goes up and then goes down and continues perpetually. The difference of their colour is simple to explain, the Kundalini is charging in upward travel and it is discharging in downward travel. The colour change is present because of the function of what the Kundalini is doing going up versus going down.

    When people talk about ‘Kundalini Rising’ or ‘Awakening’ – I believe misinterpretation is at play. The problem is that names and words become fixed to beliefs like labels. It isn’t that the person going through a profound spiritual experience or illuminating one has their Kundalini rising – no – it is actually that their Soul is at a level that permits or accepts the experience as a stage of evolved spiritual growth. It has no direct connection with Kundalini – they are having the experience anyway – it isn’t because their Kundalini is rising. Their Kundalini is present before, throughout and after the experience exactly the same; it doesn’t go anywhere; it is in its normal movement around their I&P. The experience they have is one of a change of conscious awareness. Their perception may shift up a gear, they experience profound inner transformation indeed – but it has nothing to do with the state of their Kundalini energy.

    Is that controversial enough? No – because there’s more…

    Chakras have nothing to do with spirituality or psychic perception. Chakras cannot be blocked. They cannot be opened or closed through any ritual or self-development exercise. They cannot be unbalanced and obviously – nobody therefore can ‘balance your chakras’ or ‘cleanse’ them. Everyone that believes any of these concepts simply doesn’t understand the full picture. The world is full with healers, therapists, teachers, writers, gurus and all sorts that promulgate these beliefs. Just a quick look at Uncle Google will show you that; search chakras and you’ll see page after page after page of the same old lines over and over again.

    The thing is – for the most part, people just believe what they are told or taught. It isn’t really doing any harm as such. The problem is that the bowl the teachers and tutors are holding is indeed full; but they only perceive half of its contents. Half the full story if you will. Like a jigsaw of a 1000 pieces in a box; the user only sees and knows of 500 of the pieces. So when they create their picture, there are spaces on the table between all of these 500; so they fill in the gaps as best as they can. Where these gaps are in the picture – there are assumptions. People copy people and now throughout the world we have most of the teachers, tutors and writers working from an incomplete understanding of the actual nature of chakras.

    Do you want to know about the other 500? Let’s turn to exoteric science for some ironic allegory. Energy has two factors; it has strength and it has frequency. Stand on a beach and look out to sea, there is kinetic energy present in the medium of the water, it manifests as waves. The strength of the energy is reflected in the size of the waves. The frequency of the energy is shown in how often the waves break upon the shore. All forms of energy have these two determining factors – including all subtle energies.

    Chakras exist in our system solely and only for the health of our body. In the room where you are sitting there is a door. Look at it. Imagine you can see lots of big tubes passing through the doorway. Imagine you can see inside these tubes and then see lots of channels, you look deeper and inside these channels there are sub-channels. Inside these there are threads and inside these threads are micro-threads. The doorway is like a chakra – it only has one function; to allow passage of subtle energies through it, travelling one way and back again. The tubes go to major areas of the body; the main organs… The channels go to specific parts of these organs. The sub channels again finer and finer in relevance until each of the micro threads attend to each and every single physical cell. The micro-threads carry both vitality and also an information command; like a program in a sense. The energy comes from our inner subtle bodies to this outer physical one by means of the chakras which act in a sense like subtle energy portals. There is no door; chakras cannot be opened or closed – they are always present to allow passage of energies passing through in both directions.

    Different chakras allow different types of energy through from ‘within you’ to the etheric subtle counterpart of every single cell in your physical body; countless billions of them. However it all has a design – subtle energies that attend relative area for the base chakra cannot pass through the throat chakra for example. The reason being – the chakras all allow passage of different types of human subtle energies that have specific strengths of vibration. That is the kernel of the nut we are examining.

    Now then, what about our spirituality, intuition, feelings and awareness? These are not associated to the chakras. They are actually associated to other subtle energy centres in the same location as the chakras but the two do not mix. So imagine you have drawn a diagram of the body on a sheet of paper and placed it on a table. Now get 7 silver coins and place them on the chakra locations. Then get 7 copper coins and place these on the silver coins. Seven locations, two energy centres at each location. Now draw the I&P intertwining around the coins; blue going from beneath the bottom coins up and at the same time in between, around the second coins back in below the third and so on to the top then a yellow line coming back down in and around all the coins again.

    The other subtle energy centres represented by the copper coins are not generally known about – not many people are privy to this depth of subtle reality. They deal with human subtle energies relative to the frequency of those energies. These energies in these other energy centres (we referred to them as Psy centres in our work) are the root of manifesting spiritual development and psychic or intuitive faculties. So it is not the Ajna or Brow chakra that governs clairvoyant vision – it is in fact the Brow psy centre instead. As people evolve, they eventually all develop natural, human subtle abilities in keeping with their spiritual evolution; as they do – their qualities are as a result of these Psy centres becoming activated with the subtle energies within them being charged by Kundalini.

    I view Kundalini like the mains electricity of a home; we use a washing machine, a shower, a vacuum cleaner, a heater, a cooker, a fridge, we light the home; we use all these different functions in the home and behind them all is the background energy supply. Just as we think, run, walk, see, hear, touch, taste, smell, get excited, angry, happy, sad… behind all experiences we have as human beings there is this special background energy – Kundalini.

    You now have more pieces of the jigsaw.

    I welcome contact with anyone, anywhere that also sees their I&P nadi.

    Kind regards



    I realized that I didn’t quite finish… Chakras can’t be balanced or cleared – let me clear that bit up a little.

    When a healer or therapist or ‘energy worker’ says they are working on someone’s chakra – they are not. They are actually working on a preconceived belief of a system of the subtle anatomy of the person. At best their understanding is incomplete. If they sense that the persons’ heart chakra is ‘out of balance’ – or the person asks them to work on it specifically – they begin their work. However in actual subtle reality – they are not working on the chakra at all – they are perhaps working on an energy inside the chakra. Look back at the door with all those tubes and channels passing through it – you cannot close the door – it is perpetually open. So to suggest that someone clears your chakras or ‘removes blockages’ – or any similar phrases – it simply reflects their mis-education and limited understanding of how the system actually is. It isn’t necessarily that they are ‘making it up’ or have questionable motives – but far more likely that they simply don’t fully understand or even realise what they are actually doing. Neither is it that their work won’t achieve results; the person may indeed feel better from the ‘service’ done – but the belief of what they do and the reality of what they actually do are likely to be very different. Why the results arrive might be an interesting discussion indeed – it involves thoughtforms; yet by and large most healers, therapists and energy workers will have never even heard of these yet they are in their bowl.

    Chakras are not the single colours so generally associated with them; it is another concept fitted in between the 500 pieces in the picture. The colours are real, chakras do have colour – but just not those in the fixed belief structure so seen everywhere. The colours present are as a result of one or other – at the time – dominant subtle energies that are present at the chakra. So if the energy in greatest proportion is blue in colour – it makes sense that the chakra will take on an overall bluish appearance. However it might equally be yellow, green, red or pink – it all depends on which particular dominant subtle energy is present in the given chakra. So for example Visuddha (throat chakra) can be blue, orange, yellow or even purple. It cannot be blue and blue only. No two people have the same identical colours of chakras because every single person the world over has a different health ‘pattern’. The reality is that the colours of people’s chakras change. This fact has implications for some practices by healers and therapists and energy workers the world over. It is particularly relevant in the association that some people give various crystals and stones to chakras. Take away the colour association and then the real work can be done but that is a different subject.



    All around the world there exists education and also mis-education about human subtle nature. You can readily see misinformation virtually anywhere that mentions the term ‘subtle energy’. It is especially present in yoga teaching and healing discussion. So often the beliefs of reality and actual reality become confused and intertwined. We exist in several different dimensions simultaneously; we all have inner vehicles – subtle bodies, we all use these every second of our lives. Yet for the most part, most people are completely oblivious to the inner reality of their being. Attention is sometimes given to ‘subtle energies and the body’ – as though these flow in and around the body. Yet this is a misunderstanding – the subtle energies do not flow in and around the body – because ‘the body’ is this outer, physical one – in this outer physical dimension. All subtle energies remain in subtle bodies. Imagine it as though you have many bodies in coincidence; all in the same place ‘within one – another’ – and then consider that your astral body has ‘astral energies’ – it does indeed – but these astral energies pertain to the astral body not the physical one. So when someone says ‘subtle energies of the body’ – in real terms they actually mean the energies of one or other of the subtle bodies and not this outer physical body. Yet people confuse the actual reality of multiple bodies with their own relative energies – and – this outer one. People don’t do this intentionally; it isn’t a practice to deceive – it simply reflects incomplete understanding of the true reality of the human being. There are no ‘subtle energies’ in the outer physical body.

    There can be perception of the subtle energies; we can feel their presence and or movement in the right situation but this is because of something magical called consciousness. Our consciousness is like an amalgamated vital essence of all of our various bodies in each dimension at the same time. This is why we can feel emotions; emotions are generated in our astral body (aka the emotional body) and we are aware of these because our consciousness perceives them. Emotions are not created in our physical body – but having consciousness allows us to feel them while our consciousness is ‘seated’ in this outer physical body. Our thoughts too – we do not think with our brain; we generate thoughts in our mental body (aka the mind) in the mental plane or 5<sup>th</sup> dimension. Again our consciousness allows us to become aware of our thoughts – they ‘appear’ to be centred in our head and are simply manifest in location with the relative areas of our brain. The brain is a very special organ – but it is still a physical organ. It does not think; we think with our mind and our consciousness enables us to perceive our thought.

    So you can begin to see that the actual ‘map’ of the human system is complex to understand and exists on many different dimensions simultaneously. Yet, when understood it is simply wonderful by design – you just need more pieces of the jigsaw to be able to see the ‘bigger picture’.



    Hello Element,

    I hope you are not feeling too lonely out there.  Most of us just get on with our lives, as humdrum as they frequently are, and don’t think too much about the finer workings of our existence.  Having been a healer for 25 years, I am well aware of the subtle energies that exist.  I’ve always been interested in the mind/body connection and how our thoughts influence the state of our health and sometimes a patient will come out with the very sentence that tells me why they have become ill and why it has chosen a certain part of the body to manifest in.  The brain is the obedient servant and wants to carry out the wishes of it’s host.

    Scientists have measured the output from a healer’s hands and is it any wonder our hands get a bit hot sometimes.  I have actually seen the ‘light beam’ that is emitted from my hands and although healers are taught to draw from the “white light” which exists outside ourselves, by the time this has travelled through our bodies, it is transmuted into a pinky gold beam.  I count myself fortunate in having been shown this.

    For the most part, our bodies instinctively know how to exist, behave, survive.  We don’t need books to teach us Kundalini or Chakras.  Our energy exists with or without such knowledge.  Drawing in breath requires our nostrils, bridge of the nose, throat which are all depicted in shades of blue/violet, colours associated with those higher chakras, the rising part of the breath. The outbreath, the relaxation of the diaphragm and the belly, depicted yellow/orange, the falling part of the breath.  Isn’t this what you are ‘seeing’ and describing.

    I am quite willing to accept thoughtforms from other dimensions and even ourselves existing in different dimensions.

    Thank you for sharing your very interesting observations.


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