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    Is your journey a search for leadership qualities? Are you seeking the kind of excellence that promotes respect and admiration? Do you desire ​a role as a pioneer in your industry? A flagship in your field?

    The definitive quality of a Leader is an authentic interest in others and mutually beneficial ‘joint’ decisions. This is the current truth in every industry, a truth which has evolved greatly with the shift from a task focused philosophy of ‘doing things right’ to a collaborative and community focused performance philosophy of ‘doing the right things’. Only a minor grammatical difference but a monumental difference in conscious awareness that signifies the major division between being a Boss and being a Leader.

    Im certain you have had a superior who dictates tasks, focusing on details only to lose sight of the greater vision. This is a person who is in charge of the work place, the tasks at hand, to whom you have to answer and usually with serious consequences implied as this person also has someone else to whom they answer who is also threatening consequences for undesirable results. Muscle flexing, exercising authority and superiority and generally leaving a bad taste in the mouth of employees from using fear as a motivator. defines ‘boss’ as, “a person who makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates, etc; a person who employs or superintends workers; manager.”

    We have all had one of those and some of us have been fortunate enough to smile and walk away from the job.

    A Leader is a different breed entirely. defines a ‘leader’ as, “a person or thing that leads; a guiding or directing head.” A Leader is not the product of genetics, a good upbringing, expensive schooling or good fortune of any kind. A Leader is a product of Self, of a developed consciousness making the clear choice to inspire trust and the conscious awareness of the importance of a shared purpose. A leader is a person who lives by the Laws of Reciprocity and Vibration, who’s actions appeal to the ‘golden rule’ and are examples to others. A leader promotes equality and never subscribes to a hierarchy as they have no specific person to answer to, they answer to the team or the group and are intrinsically involved in each activity teaching and guiding others each step of the way while learning from and adapting to others’ perspectives.

    Ask yourself ‘Am I a leader or am I a boss?’ You may wonder ‘well, I am not a ‘boss’ because I don’t have that position or title’. ‘Bosses’ or ‘bossy’ people aren’t necessarily the ones with the promotion or position. A ‘Boss’ is someone who uses certain tactics or leverage to accomplish something. The wonderful thing about being a leader is that you don’t need to be in a qualified position of authority to be a leader; you must simply embody certain qualities. Examine the following comparison and honestly determine where you stand;

    ​A Leader acts with a purpose driven mindset, a Boss acts with an end in mind;
    A Leader is a servant to the people, a Boss makes servants of the people;
    A Leader’s priority is people, a Boss’ priority is profit;​
    A Leader seeks first to understand, a Boss ​seeks first to be understood;
    A Leader gets absorbed in the activity, a Boss gets lost in the details;​
    A Leader chooses to teach, a Boss chooses to tell;​
    A Leader listens with intent, a Boss talks with intent;​
    A Leader enables unique perspectives, a Boss limits unique perspectives;​
    A Leader will collaborate, a Boss will dictate;​
    A Leader inspires by building trust, a Boss regulates by leveraging with Fear;​

    Regardless of your formail title and position, you have the capacity to be a Leader. Develop your Self Image; Choose a ‘Winner’s Image’. Be honest, be accountable, create a friendly alliance making mutually beneficial ‘joint’ decisions, clearly define a purpose, share that purpose with others and provide support in reaching a new level of performance for those with whom you share your business life, your family life, your spiritual life and your personal life. You will see the Law of Reciprocity in action as others begin to develop as a result of your developing Leadership qualities and your Improving Self Image.

    Create some Fire and Pass the Torch,

    The Kanary Team

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