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    Dear D:

    I am fine, thank you and you are very welcome. Good to read that you are feeling much lighter! When you say that you were a vanishing twin, you mean that you had a vanishing twin, (Wikipedia: “A vanishing twin.. is a fetus in a multi-gestation pregnancy that dies in utero and is then partially or completely reabsorbed… Vanishing twins occur in up to one of every eight multi-fetus pregnancies”), right?

    So what I craved was a very deep connection to someone, I guess resembling what has been lost in utero…  I knew I was a vanishing twin but never really dived deep into the psychological and Spiritual effects of it“-  you felt that the soul of your vanishing twin was in the man who works at the supermarket, hence the “soul recognition” that you mentioned in your original post.

    You wrote earlier: “I’m  a one on one type of person, he (husband) does better in groups“- the thinking then is that in your mother’s uterus you had one twin, and therefore, it was a one-on-one situation and deep connection. When your twin vanished, you lost that one-on-one connection, which you’ve been craving ever since.

    I think that growing up, you had superficial, group-type connections with the people in your family, and elsewhere, but you didn’t have a one-on-one deep connection with anyone, so you craved it as a child and since.

    something in me wanted to become Awake“, you wrote today – that something was.. the one-on-one connection that you had very early in your life, a connection that was lost to you.. too soon.

    Today 8/12/22  (Dec 8) is the last full moon of the year in Gemini, which is the twins, Symbolic for me”– Happy Full Moon Day! Post again if and whenever you would like, and may you and your family have a blessed season!


Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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