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    Our exciting new website is coming soon!

    Dharma Tree aims at bringing together diversity to create equanimity. Like a seed that needs the elements and the right circumstances to flourish into a fruit tree and provide nutrition and support for animals and beings, likewise, Dharma Tree aspires to be the shade tree that helps protect beings from the harsh elements and provide protection and comfort in times of chaos.

    Dharma Tree’s mission is to create a community of aspiring bodhisattvas to contribute to the development and continuation of Buddhism in the 21st century by creating quality content that is meaningful, well-researched, relatable, and helpful for everyone on the Path toward enlightenment. Dharma Tree is unaffiliated with any one sect or tradition of Buddhism.

    By remaining unaffiliated with any particular teacher, tradition or lineage, Dharma Tree provides a unique and codependent public forum for exploring Buddhism, establishing a dialogue between Buddhism and the broader culture, and introducing Buddhist thinking to the West.

    Dharma Tree does not function independently. It requires the support and effort of the readers, contributors and supporters in order to continue providing quality Buddhist education for the benefit of all. At the core of Dharma Tree’s roots (mission) is to liberate all beings from suffering.

    What you’ll find on Dharma Tree are well-written articles and guides about Buddhist history, practice, and teachings. You will also see book reviews and interviews with Buddhist monastics, teachers, and authors!

    Interested in being a Contributor on Dharma Tree? Apply and join our community to help all practitioners around the world!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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