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    Basically, I would like to filter out the shit but still stay informed. Lisa Bloom’s podcast is one good source for news which has a positive “call to action”, but where else? Would love to hear some suggestions.

    Here’s a post from my personal blog which explains my thoughts in more detail:

    With thanks


    How to find Real news

    I think the difficulty people are having is identifying “real news” is identifying the deference between news, opinion and editorial. To often I think opinion and editorial becomes news overshadowing the actual happening.

    Social media which also qualifies as media (though many do not as yet consider social media to be a part of the “Media” that they don’t trust) is almost all opinion. Opinion which then becomes the “news” people talk about including the other news media outlets. So, it gets confusing.

    We have to go back to basics: who, what, where, when – why and how – discernment.
    Who What where when ought to be easily verifiable while why and how may require greater discernment which can be subjective.
    Like predicting the weather the how and why can be difficult to isolate and there are always factors that can’t be seen or known. Consciousness is to limited.

    We all, the reader and reporter (news source) have our own biases, shadows, and projections. It is each of our responsibility to discern our own bias and projections which will help us discern the bias and or projections in the information we take in.

    It is important to remember that bias does not make a story less “real”. Bias does not negate facts (what, where, when, who) which are verifiable. Today I think many use the label of bias as a reason to discount a story and even the idea of truth and in doing only justify their own bias.

    We live in the information age but the life skill of discernment has not kept pace. Discernment requires a great deal of self knowledge. Before identifying “real news” we need to understand and identify the filters through which we experience the world through.


    Thanks Pete. Just seeing if anyone has some preferred sources they go to so I can check them out.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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