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    I left my extremely abusive family when i was 25 (emotional,physical,psychological) . I didn’t have the opportunity yet to enter university . I’m working my ass off in a job that i don’t really like that much with addiction problems galore mainly love addiction and wanting a partner and when faced with rejection after rejection I’m really not sure what to do anymore or even see any point in carrying on sometimes . I’ve tried all sorts of apps .. face to face interactions nothing works.


    Dear david:

    I would like to read more from you:

    “I’ve tried all sorts of apps.. face to face interactions nothing works”- in your search for a partner, you mean?

    Will you share a bit about the history of your relationships- starting with your childhood relationships with family members all the way to your adult relationships with partners, or potential partners?



    Hi david,

    First things first. Apply to a university that offers night classes. Or an online university. Do it now, the deadlines for many of them are fast approaching. At least do rolling admission. Otherwise another year will have gone by.

    The people you meet in school will be your new social group. You will be a few years older than many of them, but will still be young enough to fit in. Instant confidence!  Even if you attend school online, that should give you a confidence boost.

    I’m guessing the rejection is coming because people sense a bit of desperation in you? I don’t know, but being around the student crowd should help.

    Good Luck!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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