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    Ellsworth Davis

    My predicament is simple – I am in love with 3 different women and they are in love with me. We are all mature adults having been around the block. Marriage is a topic with all three. I am trying to find within myself what it is that I want and not be pushed by the tides and the wind in one direction or another. This seems hard to pin down, “What do I want?” All 3 women offer different futures that will shape my experience. I feel I am meant to be with all of them. I am searching my soul for answers as to which woman will let me the happy content man that I am. I am divorced after a 20 year marriage that ended in anger, sorrow, and grief. I have healed from that disaster. I simply wish to select the woman that makes my experience here on the plane vivid and also the woman I feel the deepest connection with but I feel deep connection with all three. I don’t know how I got in this predicament but making a choice of one over another I am finding impossible. – Open to suggestions. Thank you.


    Hey man,

    Does each one know of the others? Please don’t be dishonest man.

    Which woman knows your faults, can tell you and still accepts you with love? And Which one loves you conditionally – if you can fix a flaw or two?

    Which woman is kindest to you?

    Which woman respects you the most? Which do you respect the most?

    With which woman is your love the most playful?

    Which woman embraces your passions and interests? Which woman’s passions and interests do you embrace and support?

    Which woman always shows her feminine essence with you?

    If one woman’s name keeps coming up…


    Which woman has an expressed love for money? Desire to get money no matter what.
    Unless you share that view yourself, such a person will bring unwanted hell into your life.

    Which woman competes with you often?
    This is not a partner, you take the role of a friendly opponent in her mind.

    Which woman often expresses the conditions for you to be with her?
    An extreme example, I had a gf that used to say, “If you ever cheat on me, I’ll cut your thing off!” Haha
    The reddest of flags.

    I hope this helps you…
    All the best –

    Ellsworth Davis

    Thank you – manbudda – I feel totally blind in this situation. You have given me some sign posts. And some serious thoughts to ponder and questions to reflect upon.


    If you’re choosing between several people just pick the last one. If you really loved the others before her you wouldn’t have met the last one.


    THREE are you kidding me???

    You could be attracted to them but you cannot love all three -real love is only one and you would know it.

    It’s not fair to them. Go away for a month and see which one you miss the most. It could help.

    It remind me of Casanova story.
    Good luck to you.


    Or try to create something you could tell them just to check which one would support you no matter what circumstances will occur.

    Losing job and having no money .. if you are unsure than play the game but tell her later- I am assuming that one would stay, it will be shame if all or none of them did.

    Only then you can see if they loved you back. Keep us posted 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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