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    Hello, I have been on this wonderful site for several months writing about my ex. We had to meet at work and we exchanged a message. He has text me overnight and we exchanged some text just basic catch up stuff. Now today nothing !! We have been no contact for 3 months what does this mean? Do I play it cool (if so fior how long) and not chase him, let it go a couple of days and ” fire a shot across the bow” or act like it was nice a bonus chat and keep moving on with out him?? I desperately want to text tonight but don’t want to seem needy or pushy or embarrassment … Any suggestions , confused


    hi Trixie-belle, I have also just split up from my ex. we lived together for two months after we split up until I could move into my own place. and I have now been in my new place for two weeks. after my first week he forwarded my mail to me and within it added a little note to say hope I was well (it was on a particular post-it that I gave to him) and other than that it has been two weeks of no contact. I said I wouldn’t speak to him or have any contact at all for at least the rest of the year, and a part of me thinks I won’t even contact him next year. though i appreciate the note it has also set me off and made me cry the rest of the afternoon so i’m sticking to my no contact rule.

    no contact is extremely hard if you want to get back together with your ex, and even if you know things won’t work out again in the future its so hard to not be around or have any communication from someone you shared your life with. I would say if you have been in no contact for 3 months there are two possibilities, leave it and do you your own thing or send him one text just to clarify where you stand. but perhaps you can think about the things you really want and focus on those. do you still want to get back together? I wish you well.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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