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    Fe Martin

    what do you want to do in your life? what’s your goals? have you achieved it? when you look back the people around you now, what happen to them after 10-20 years? especially your school friends, colleague… I realized that there are so many changes in life and people have their own things to do


    Fe Martin,
    That is a question that I have been asking myself a lot recently. The people in my life are good people. They are kind, they are caring, they are not overly attached to “career” or money, or the idea of family. They try to take one day at a time and carve out an existence that makes sense to them. However, the path I am on seems so very different than others’. I do not have more than a few spiritually minded friends, none of which are that close to me. So it becomes difficult to talk with many of my friends about the things that are nearest to my heart. I want to cultivate compassion and lovingkindness – that is a goal that is very important to me. Of central importance. But if I tried talking to my friends about this – who are not spiritually minded – I am afraid they will think that I am crazy and would not understand. As far as what I want to do with my life – I don’t know. I want to do something that makes sense to me but that changes from day to day. I live with the experience of feeling difficult and painful emotions in my body on a daily, hourly basis. I want to reach a point where I know how to navigate them so that I can live my life with more tranquility and calm. Thank you for your inquisitive post. It has helped me examine my own goals and intentions more – which is something that I benefit from doing on a daily basis.



    Hi….I think all of us face our own unique challenges……and……while it is easy to switch off from them through many routes…we can all, with a little searching feel what they are. I know mine, now. Then I have had to realise it will take courage and faith to take on what is an intensely personal and internal challenge – but probably the biggest and most important one I will face in this lifetime. But it is what I would like to use it for. I am learning to feel my feelings…then accept them..welcome them almost, rather than deny or hide for them. I am learning to “see” my thoughts….rather than just mindlessly let them rule me….and learning to THINK!

    The meaning I think is BEING(appreciate and celebrate your aliveness)…learning to feel and see with honesty, then accepting…then trusting, changing and acting.

    That’s me..hope it makes sense.

    Ps….I’ve only started, that’s only the way I think it shoud go, the way I feel it should go..


    It’s a broad topic if you ask about the meaning of life. But I guess almost everyone are asking themselves about it, ” what’s life,what’s your purpose”.
    And as for me, life for me is a journey, an adventure. it sounds cheesy/corny but I’ve decided that it is what I want ‘life’ means to me.
    As the saying goes life is what we make it. I think everyone has their own meaning about life. You just have to choose your philosophy and live with it so you won’t feel that you are lost… or that you don’t know what is “life” means for you. I asked a friend the same question , and she said she don’t know. and then I ask her if she feels lost and she said yes and also she feels boring about her life. Thinking about it I can say that if one can’t define what’s the meaning of life for them, they will feel that they’re not really living their life. oftentimes they say that they want to find themselves, etc.., but isn’t it that its more possible to create yourself or what you wanna be or who you really are than finding and searching for yourself that you don’t know where to start?
    Well, this is only my idea. 🙂 . . Thanks for providing the topic. 🙂
    – MJ

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