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    Victoria B


    So initially I met up with this guy, Sean. We went out for a few drinks and I ended up staying the night at his. I had to get up early to leave the following morning. He said to me (without me saying anything) – ‘when will I see you again?’. And again he texted me later the same day once I finished work saying the same thing. I’m not entirely sure if he is keen in actually getting to know me as the only way we communicate at the moment is on Snapchat (he hasn’t asked for my number). But he has followed me on social media.

    We have been talking a bit this week. But I’ve been going through a bit of a rough time. So I declined his offer to meet up again the other day (which was me driving to his place). He still does want to see me again. He replied to a snapchat saying ‘where r u?’… and I continued on saying ‘do you want to see me again?’… he said ‘hell yes! All of you!’ Etc etc

    I’m not sure if he is genuinely wanting to get to know me or if he is after another casual hookup. I have trouble telling what his intentions are.. as he only ever replies to me and doesn’t initiate communication most of the time.

    Feedback is appreciated.

    Vic x



    Dear Victoria:

    You had a few drinks and you stayed in his place that one night (a hookup). Later you asked him if he wanted to see you again and he replied “hell yes! All of you!”-reads to me that he means all of your body parts that were available to him, at least this is a high probability of what he meant by it. After all, after  one night he can’t possibly know all of your thoughts and feelings and life experiences.

    What do you think?






    Hi Victoria,

    I have to agree with Anita on this one. From what you explained, it sounds like he is just looking for another hookup. I would be careful. Set boundaries and really clear boundaries of what it is that you actually want. If you want a guy for just a hookup then this one will work it sounds like but if you want something more than just casual hookups, then be clear on that and STICK to it. Strong boundaries is key!

    All the best!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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